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by · August 2, 2021
Women can suffer from pain in their early teens. Most of the women experience some discomfort during their periods and this experience is very high on the first day. But in 5% to 10% of women, the pain can be severe which endangers their life.
Some feel pain in the waist or legs, then some feel weakness and tiredness. But when the period comes, most of the women suffer from stomach cramps. Many women also have severe pain due to cramps during their periods every month. For this, here are the tricks which will help you in getting relief from these cramps.
Heat one teaspoon sugar with half teaspoon ghee and half teaspoon carom seeds and consume it with water.
Using Hot water bag gives you relief from period cramps.
For relief from period pain, soak the stomach and waist with a hot water bag. This will give immediate relief.
Carom seeds are used to relax nerves during periods.
Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds and take some jaggery. Boil these two well in a glass of water. When the water becomes half a glass after boiling, turn off the gas and filter the water and drink it. Within a few minutes, you will feel the relaxation of the muscles. It also prevents the clotting of blood and creates a good flow of blood.
Consumption of milk and milk products is very important for women. Women who lack calcium in their bodies have more problems related to menstruation. In such a situation, the consumption of milk and dairy products is very important for women not only during periods but always because calcium is found in abundance in them.
This is the best sleeping position to get relief from period pain.
Sleeping position is very beneficial. First, take a round pillow. If you don’t have a round pillow, you can take a towel and roll it. Then lie down on your back and put the pillow under your knees. During this, your legs should be straight. Take care not to get too high or low. Otherwise, it can affect your blood flow.
Drinking more water might help ease swelling, which aggravates side effects. Start drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day particularly during your period.
Oils that appear to be best at diminishing period cramps, because of their capacity to help flow:- Cinnamon, lavender, rose, clove, etc.
Yoga for period cramps.
Women should include aerobic exercise in their daily routine. There are some Yoga poses that helps in reducing menstrual cramps like- Cobra, cow, fish, cat pose. 30 minutes of daily exercise helps in the reduction of period cramps.
Keep away from specific food varieties that can cause water maintenance, swelling, and uneasiness. A few kinds of food varieties to avoid when you have cramps include Alcohol, Salty food, Caffeine, etc.


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