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Cough is a common disease among all. Everyone, right from toddlers to elder people has to face this problem, especially dry cough. Dry cough is creating lots of problems and embarrassment. There is one misconception among all is that the cause of dry cough is outside temperatures, but it is not true. To get rid of dry cough there are various home remedies available. Here we look at natural remedies for dry cough.
1) Honey is the best natural thing for your sore throat. It can cure dry cough more effectively than any other medication. Blend 2 teaspoons of nectar in homegrown tea, or warm water and lemon juice. Nectar helps to calm of throat while lemon deals with clog and you will get relief from dry cough.
2) Saltwater gargle is also the best natural remedy for curing dry cough. Simply take lukewarm water and add a pinch of salt and gargle.
3) Peppermint leaves are most popular for their mending properties, particularly because of menthol it contains. Peppermint tea is extremely advantageous for the sour throat and furthermore by breathing in peppermint fumes from a steam shower. Put not many drops of peppermint oil in bubbling water. This will help remove congestion and help recover from dry cough.
4) Marshmallows are also beneficial for dry cough. It contains mucilage, which coats the throat and soothes irritation.
5) Also having different types of healthy soups as well as ginger tea, lemongrass tea are all helpful home remedies for dry cough.
6. Clove is also the best natural remedy, which will help you with dry cough issues. Just put two cloves in your mouth and swallow juice for few moments. This will help decrease irritation in the throat and get rid of dry cough.
Those were few natural remedies for dry cough.
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