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The holidays are finally here. That time of the year where we travel to visit our loved ones and leave our fitness plans back at home. This is the time where we splurge on food and show no remorse. But the thing is, what good will all that food be, if we can’t dive in an enjoy it?
Let me paint a picture;
It’s 8AM on the 23rd of December. You wake up and rush to the kitchen where you’ve stored a truckload of foodstuff to conjure into some great tasting meals. By 4PM you’re done with creating 4 dishes that could make Chef Jamie Oliver weak in his knees. You can’t wait to taste this food and have your friends taste it too.
Just as you’re done with the dishes and are about to settle down, you hear & feel a rumble in your stomach. You then rush off to the loo, and one hour later you’re still sitting there with no action. This has been happening to you for some days now and you need to find a solution ASAP. After all, whose going to enjoy all those meals if not you and your friends (necessarily in that order).
Here’s some advice for you;
Dsyschezia, popularly known as constipation, is a common cause of painful defecation. It can be a rather uncomfortable topic to discuss, but being that everyone experiences them, there is a need to share information on the best ways to deal with it. So today, we are going to discuss the causes of constipation, some great remedies and more!
Constipation occurs due to certain factors mostly caused by the victim. They include;
1. A change in your usual diet or activities
2. Lack of fiber
3. Excessive use of laxatives
4. Withholding excretion
5. Stress
6. Negative reaction to medication
7. Underactive thyroids
Natural Remedies for Constipation
Constipation can be so overwhelming you need to find a solution ASAP. Here are some natural remedies that you can use to reduce and stop it.
1. Water
Some of the things that characterize constipation are dry and hard feces. To help with this, drink at least 8 cups of water daily to aid digestion and reduce constipation.
2. Fruits, Vegetables and Fiber
Eating lots of fiber can help prevent and relieve constipation. Fruits and dark leafy vegetables are rich in fibers that help with the digestion process. As insoluble fiber travels through your intestines, it traps water and increases the moisture incorporated in your feces. This makes the process of excretion a lot easier.
Fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, lemon, papaya (pawpaw), banana, orange, carrot, pumpkin leaf (ugwu), cabbage etc. help prevent and give relief to constipation because they are rich in fiber. Be sure to eat the fruits with the peel.
Other foods rich in insoluble fiber includes wheat bran, whole grains, cereals etc.
3. Castor Oil
Castor oil is a stimulant laxative used to treat constipation. It works by increasing movement in your intestines, helping the excretion process happen much smoother. I would advise you take this on an empty stomach, and if you suffer from constant constipation, then do this more often. I know, castor oil is not the best tasting oil in the world, so you can add some orange juice to improve the taste.
– Adults: 15 – 60ml
– Children: Kids above 13 years should take 5 – 15ml
4. Just let it go
Sometimes, your holding back from using the toilet can lead to stomach cramps and constipation. If you feel nature calling, just answer and save yourself a world of discomfort.
5. Baking Soda
This has bicarbonate which causes sporadic release of gas. Taking baking soda will help in relief from constipation and make sure you’re first in line for that plate of food.
Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with about 1/4 of warm water. Stir until the soda has dissolved, drink it fast, and wait for the magic to happen.
6. Establish a Routine
This might sound weird, but you could try creating some ‘poo time’ for yourself. I know a few people who ensure they use the loo every morning before they leave for work, and you could try it out too to avoid getting constipated at all.
– When adding fiber to your diet, increase the amount you eat gradually to avoid gas and bloating.
– Pregnant, breastfeeding and menstruating women should not use castor oil.
– Castor oil is a temporary treatment for constipation and is not meant to be taken long term.
– Avoid using baking soda if you have ulcer and hypertension.
These notes are based on my experiences, observations and research. Please see a doctor if;
– You have blood in your stool
– You have severe pain with bowel movement
– You are experiencing constipation for the first time
– Your constipation has lasted more than two weeks
I hope I was able to help. Share what your quick relief remedies are for constipation.
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Okoro Ijeoma is a natural care enthusiast and entrepreneur. She’s an undying optimist whose passion includes; writing, singing, fashion designing and photography. Follow her natural care exploits on her Instagram page @naturecareng and on her website Naturecare NG . You can also follow her on her personal I.G @chuks_tessany.
zarah baby loke loke
December 15, 2015 at 12:24 pm
Nice one
December 15, 2015 at 1:10 pm
nice one. thank you and compliment of the season
December 15, 2015 at 1:32 pm
Take castor oil with caution. Took it some years ago and I almost died from excruciating pains. My stomach was literally in knots.
December 15, 2015 at 2:40 pm
You are right about the caution. …my friend baby was late so she took castor oil. As she went into labour it caused d baby to poo poo as it was about to come out. It created all sort of complicatoon that they had to quickly open her up and do cesarean
So yeah causion with that oil
December 15, 2015 at 1:53 pm
Thanks and duly noted!
As they say, sh*t business is serious business!
December 15, 2015 at 3:25 pm
Pls avoid any food that bloats. Not all vegetables can be taken by everyone. Stress is another silent cause of constipation. It’s amazing how the human body is. Listen to your body. Pay attention to your reaction to certain foods. God bless.
December 15, 2015 at 3:53 pm
I won’t avoid food that makes people bloat because you can easily counteract it by drinking peppermint tea or taking peppermint oil. Bloatedness doesn’t cause constipation. Acid, trapped wind and gas are top of the list of things that make people bloated from some types of food.
December 15, 2015 at 5:29 pm
You just said you won’t avoid foods that makes you bloat and in the end you agree that some foods cause trapped wind, gas which is exactly what bloating is. . What are you on about??
David Stanley
January 1, 2016 at 3:35 am
Proper diet is the best long term way to deal with constipation but in the short term something more immediate is needed. We all know that an enema can help but that’s not very convenient or practical (to say nothing about uncomfortable) to use often and definitely not for mild, frequent constipation. A way to use water for quick relief is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Used primarily for improved hygiene it can also be used to shoot a blast of water up your pipes to loosen things up and get them moving. Fast, convenient, and comfortable. See bathroomsprayers.com.
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