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We know that cleaning the house takes some effort and perseverance but there is And products to do this without wasting much time. Which is that all rooms of the house should be very clean for our health and hygiene, especially the bathroom.
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For example, cleaning shower curtains may seem complicated, but it is essential to do it right. To prevent the spread of germs. To learn how to clean shower curtains, keep reading this article. We show you some homemade tricks to achieve this successfully.
If you want the dreaded mold or germs not to appear, the best thing is to wash the shower curtain every 15 days. Take advantage when you go to clean the bathroom and it will be faster and easier to do so.
The first home trick to remove mold stains is to use baking soda. This “all-purpose cleaning” fights the growth of fungi and kills bad odor. To check it, just follow these steps.
for fabric curtains
for plastic blinds
The vinegar Here are other cleaning tricks. Its compounds prevent oxidation and prevent bacteria from multiplying.
The Lemon juice It is another natural ingredient recommended for shower curtain cleaning. It’s not aggressive, it enhances natural tones and removes dirt.
If the mold spot is too large on the shower curtain, you can apply the lemon directly to the fabric. Then you just have to wait 30 minutes, scrub with a brush and rinse.
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