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Shivangi Karn | Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2022, 11:09 PM IST
Is your skin dull, lost its shine? Instead of lathering too much cream on it, why not let it glow naturally? Sometimes you don’t want to make things too complicated when it comes to homemade face masks. So here are some veggies you can put on your face. Although these home remedies may be slow, they are certainly effective. Be patient and try them regularly.
Tomato: Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C and are slightly acidic. It helps lighten the skin tone and helps fade dark spots over time.
Lemon: Lemon juice is one of the strongest natural bleaching agents. Apply lemon juice directly to your face or mix it with honey to create an exfoliating effect. Pouring a few drops of honey on a half-cut lemon and rubbing it on your face is the most effective way to achieve this.
Cucumber: Cucumber is the most effective cooling agent for those with really sensitive skin. Additionally, cucumbers are natural toners and reduce the size of pores. If you have puffy eyelids, a few slices of cucumber placed over the eyes will work like magic.
Potato: Potatoes contain minerals and vitamins, which, when applied to the face, will help to eliminate all dark spots. Potatoes are an ideal vegetable to use in order to achieve radiant skin.
Beetroot: A regular application of beetroot on the face will produce a very natural-looking pink flush on the skin. You may find that this vegetable for clear skin can work wonders for your skin once you have tried it.
Carrot: Because carrots are rich in vitamin A, they can be used as a remedy for acne and blackheads on sensitive skin. Try this healthy vegetable for radiant skin.
Garlic: Garlic may be extremely pungent, but its ability to fade away dark spots is almost miraculous. Moreover, garlic protects the skin from free radicals and UV rays. Garlic is the best home remedy for providing you with clear skin.
Note: Initially, try a patch test to check whether these vegetables are suitable for your skin type.
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