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One digestion problem that faced by almost everyone across the globe is constipation. Dehydration, lack of fibre, stress, medical conditions and overconsumption of junk food can cause constipation. Constipation has now become more of a lifestyle issue. Nausea, abdominal swelling, mood swings, irritability while passing stools and weight-loss are the common symptoms of constipation. When it comes to constipation, it's different for different people. Some people have occasional constipation when they have something that doesn't suit their body, some have travel-related constipation, some have chronic constipation, which means they are constipated almost daily, while there are a few people who have age-related constipation too. 
If you suffer from constipation quite often and don't want to rely on medications for it, then read below to find out how these home remedies can help you with constipation.
Lemon, salt and honey:


This is the most efficient cure for occasional constipation. Take one glass of warm water and add lemon juice and honey to it. Lemon helps you flush out the toxins from the system while honey works as a mild laxative. If you don't want to use honey, you can use salt instead. Since salt is packed with magnesium which encourages contractions of the bowel muscles and it also helps to flush out toxins from the small intestine. 
Consume oil or ghee:
Having too much dry food without any oil can also cause constipation. It's important to oil the tracks, hence you should consider adding a considerable amount of ghee to your diet. Not only ghee, but even castor oil works great too. Take a spoon full of oil and consume it on an empty stomach and wait for 8 hours for it to work its magic.
Baking soda:
Say goodbye to artificial products that are available in the market and say yes to baking soda. Baking soda reacts with acids in the stomach, it produces salt, carbon dioxide and water. It aids bowel movement and cleanses the colon. In 1/4th cup of warm water, add 1tsp of baking soda and mix it well and then consume it. 
Follow the right diet:
The most appropriate solution to get rid of constipation is to follow the right diet. Avoid consuming things like cheese, bread and potatoes daily. And add warm milk, ghee and ginger tea to your diet instead. 
Raisins are high in fibre and tartaric acid, which has a laxative effect on the body. Not only raisins, but even cherries and apricots are also rich in fibre and can help kick your constipation. Make sure to consume these fruits daily.
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DISCLAIMER: These tips and tricks are advised based on research and easy accessibility. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor before following them.