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One of the most significant indicators of heart health is blood pressure. With millions of Americans currently suffering from heart disease, anyone with high blood pressure is at a much greater risk. Luckily, the market is filled with helpful remedies that can make a big difference naturally.
The majority of these ingredients support reduced inflammation and many other benefits, making them better for overall health. Since there are many products on the market today, it is hard to find the one that works the best for users. Read on below to learn about the top products for blood pressure and heart health today.

The Top Blood Pressure Supplements in 2021

After reviewing multiple studies and scanning the many companies on the market today, these formulas have the advantage of promoting better blood pressure.

  • Cymbiotika The Omega
  • PhytAge Blood Pressure 911
  • Zenith Labs BP Zone
  • HFL Blood Pressure Optimizer
  • Total Blood Support
  • VitaPost Blood Pressure Support
  • BPS-5 Healthy Blood Pressure Supplement
  • Guardian Blood Balance
  • StrictionBP
  • Lion HRT
  • Alistrol
  • Longevity Blood Pressure Formula

Considering the many natural ways consumers can improve their hearts, these supplements were not the only products included on the list. To show other opportunities for consumers, here are a few programs that support better blood pressure.

  • The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit
  • Blue Heron Health News: High Blood Pressure Program
  • The Blood Pressure Solution
  • Heart Strong

Read on below to learn more information about each of the products available now.

Cymbiotika The Omega

image 8

Cymbiotika The Omega is a supplement that focuses on providing the user with DHA and EPA, using omega-3 fatty acids to help users improve heart health. The majority of the products on this list focus on the use of plant extracts and herbs, but omega-3 fatty acids have plenty of evidence to back up their use as well.
Ingredients like astaxanthin are incredibly helpful in eradicating toxins and reducing inflammation, which is conducive to a healthy heart. Furthermore, this formula is offered as a liquid easily absorbed into the body to work quickly without any digestive difficulty.

Blood Pressure 911

image 4

Blood Pressure 911 comes from one of the most reputable brands on the market today for health supplements – PhytAge Laboratories. This brand says that the formula supports healthy blood pressure, helping to reduce levels to between 124/69 and 117/79 after only a few weeks of use.
The only way that the formula can achieve these benefits is with a wealth of ingredients that other brands don’t typically offer. Some of the ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin B12, and niacin. The brand is a leader in the supplement industry, and its products are made in an FDA-approved facility to promote greater trust in the brand.

BP Zone

image 6

BP Zone is a product by Zenith Labs, and they use a unique remedy to get their desired effects. Some of the ingredients include saffron, hibiscus, garlic, berberine, theanine, CoQ10, and taurine. These ingredients contribute to better circulation, thanks to a concoction that Dr. Ryan Shelton dreamed up. Dr. Shelton works for this brand with other medical professionals to improve the chances of success.
This unique formula helps consumers improve their heart health, but it comes from a well-known brand that has already established itself in the industry. This remedy is one of the top-rated products from their brand, and they also create their remedies in an FDA-approved lab. They even put their products through testing to ensure purity and potency.

Blood Pressure Optimizer

image 5

Blood Pressure Optimizer comprises 13 different ingredients, only taking a few seconds of the day to get the benefits. The formula already has five ingredients that have been patented, as well as a track record of success for nearly two decades. Users are further encouraged to take this remedy by the multiple blood tests on the website meant to show the success rate.
This formula has the backing of Dr. Sam Robbins, a man who claims that this remedy has helped his parents to improve their heart health. The remedy is complemented with the use of many ingredients, like L-arginine, hawthorn berry extract, grape seed extract, and celery seed extract.

Total Blood Support

image 15

Total Blood Support aims to maintain a healthy and consistent blood pressure for users, ranging from 120 to 130. Though the company doesn’t appear to have a medical doctor on staff, Dr. Brian Wells chimes in on the advertisement, saying that this remedy is “the best way to maintain healthy blood pressure.
The creators behind this brand, Applied Science Nutrition, claim that this remedy is ideal for individuals who want to promote better heart health as they increase their energy levels.

VitaPost Blood Pressure Support

image 16

VitaPost’s Blood Pressure Support is available in a capsule, offering a blench of vitamin C, folate, hawthorn extract, vitamin b6, vitamin B12, and other essential substances that are meant to make a difference.
The purpose of the remedy is to offer a unique formula, providing the user with antioxidants from plants and herbs. With juniper berry, green tea, Buchu leaf, and other essential extracts, consumers can get a unique remedy that simply isn’t offered by other brands. Users can even get this remedy through multiple major retailers, including Walmart.


image 7

BPS-5 has the support of a doctor to back up the benefits – Dr. Dan Ritchie. Developed by Golden After 50, this brand has many other formulas as well that benefit the user. The blood pressure remedy helps users explicitly improve their energy levels, enhance healthy blood pressure, and offer other substantial health benefits.
Like other products from this website, the purpose of BPS-5 is to specifically help older adults with the benefits that natural ingredients offer. The main ingredients that users will get include calcium, citric acid, glycine, and magnesium.

Blood Balance Advanced Formula

image 3

Blood Balanced Advanced Formula helps users with multiple matters. While it is on this list for its performance in blood pressure levels, it also helps with blood sugar imbalances and other issues related to cardiovascular health. The formula may help consumers to shed extra weight with the many ingredients that it involves.
Users will benefit from ingredients like white mulberry leaves, berberine extract, vitamin B7, chromium, and bitter melon with every single serving. Users will see a substantial improvement in their body within about a month of taking this supplement.


image 12

StrictionBP was developed by Optimal Health & Wellness, thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Ben Yeboah. Dr. Yeboah is the Chief Medical Advisor for the brand, and it is one of the multiple supplements on this list that is already developed with a real doctor on staff.
By engaging in a regimen with this supplement, consumers can improve their systolic and diastolic pressure. Users will also get the added benefits of Ceylon cinnamon and other ingredients.

Lion HRT

image 10

Lion HRT is used for blood health in many different ways. This formula is primarily used to improve insulin production, lipid metabolism, and cholesterol levels to improve blood flow. The formula doesn’t specifically help with blood flow and blood pressure, but it improves circulation healthily and safely.
On the official website, consumers will learn that ingredients in this remedy are similar to what they’ve seen on this list. The ingredients include hibiscus, rosemary, garlic, and hawthorn berry, though users will also get vitamins and minerals.


image 1

Alistrol is a product from CLE Holistic Health, and it was developed in Canada with quite an array of ingredients. While some of them are more familiar – like garlic and hawthorn berry – there are also a few unique ingredients to this brand: holly leaf and daikon seed.
The main reason garlic is such a big part of this formula is the natural chemical – allicin. Allicin is the main reason garlic has so many health benefits, providing users with the support they need to keep blood pressure within the suitable range. Users will need to take three capsules to get the benefits of this remedy, but the serving can be taken at any time of day.

Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula

image 11

Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula zeros in on blood pressure benefits with herbs and plants compressed into two capsules a day. Most of the ingredients are somewhat familiar, but users also get a few unique ones (like algae, kudzu root extract, malt extract, and radish seed extract). Still, users will get a few ingredients that they’ve also seen in other products on the list, like hawthorn berry extract and garlic extract.

Bonus Guides

A few changes may also be in store to get the benefits that consumers want from their routine. There are multiple guides available that don’t quite get the same ranking on this list for the simple fact that they aren’t supplements. However, they can help the body to improve substantially.
Read on below to learn about the guides that can improve blood pressure.

Barton Nutrition’s The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit

image 2

The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit from Barton Nutrition is the work of Scott Sanders, MD. He works for Barton Nutrition as the Medical & Nutrition Advisor, providing users with nutrition plans and exercises to integrate easily. Furthermore, the guide helps users to establish a positive environment for healing and improving blood pressure.
Users will learn the three steps that they need to take each day. Plus, like all other guides, users will get access as soon as they complete their purchase.

The Blood Pressure Program

image 13

The Blood Pressure Program is the work of Christian Goodman and the team at Blue Heron Health News. The program helps users see high blood pressure as a choice, resulting primarily from how they currently live their lives. Users will find guidance on the best dietary changes, exercises, and other changes that they should make to improve their bodies.
This program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that users can get a refund if it isn’t the right solution.

The Blood Pressure Solution

image 14

The Blood Pressure Solution is much different from the Blood Pressure Program. This guide shows users what they might be doing to cause their hypertension, describing how they can control their blood pressure with natural changes.
This program is the work of Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM from MS Nutrition, and she already has a history of working with thousands of patients in her own clinic. The program educates users on the correct blood pressure medications and the side effects of treating this issue with prescriptions instead of life changes.
Every purchase of The Blood Pressure Solution comes with multiple bonuses to make things easier to follow. Some of the extra materials include meal plans and even foods that users should avoid entirely.

Heart Strong

image 9

Heart Strong is a collection of multiple guides that can help users to improve their blood pressure. Life Titan Research publishes it, and it allows users to maintain blood pressure at no more than 120/80. The product comes with multiple bonuses – Heart Truths, Heart Fuel, Heart Blood, and Hearts of Women.
With all these support methods, consumers will find things relatively easy to follow to get their blood pressure under control. However, the creators make a rather large claim – that they can completely reverse the reason for heart disease in the first place.

How the Best Blood Pressure Supplements Were Ranked

Since every blood pressure supplement claims explicitly to help with blood pressure, this guide had to have a way to find the products that will work the best. The following criteria had to be followed to ensure that users get high-quality products.

Proven Ingredients & Dosages

Every ingredient approved for use has scientific evidence to back up how much needs to be used to get the desired effects. Formulas had to have specific amounts of their ingredients to make a difference.

Benefits for Cardiovascular Health

Plenty of supplements use ingredients that can benefit the body, but not all of them are good for the user’s blood pressure. The ingredients used have to react to the user’s blood pressure levels to make a difference, rather than providing false or unproven benefits.

Advertising and Transparency

Companies have to be clear about what they offer consumers. The Food and Drug Administration prevents companies from claiming directly that their products can have medicinal effects, like lowering blood pressure or reducing the user’s risk of succumbing to heart disease. Instead, companies phrase their benefits in a much more legally safe way, like saying that the product supports blood pressure.

Manufacturer Reputation

The company’s reputation plays a role in how likely the brand will bring reputable products to the table. Some brands have decades of honest history, while others are still new. Companies with a proven reputation were more likely to earn a spot on this list.

Price & Value

Anyone that spends their money on a supplement wants to know that they are getting a good deal. Someone can easily spend $20 on a good product or spend $200 to get the quality they want. This guide features many different prices to work with the price range.

Doctor Formulated

Though it wasn’t a requirement to have a doctor involved in creating the formula, consumers have a better chance of getting what they need from these types of products with medical professionals. These teams can back up the claims that the remedy is legitimate, and a medical advisory board is just one way to ensure that users get what they are promised.

Who Will Benefit the Most from a Blood Pressure Supplement?

Anyone who has high blood pressure should consider a blood pressure supplement for themselves. Almost a third of the people in the entire world suffer from high blood pressure, but the issue is entirely fixable. Heart disease can kill anyone, and high blood pressure is one of the most common precursors.
Dietary and exercise changes are often encouraged to help consumers to eliminate the triggers for high blood pressure. Other people go to medication right away to make changes faster, allowing them to eradicate long-term problems.
Some of the people who will benefit from the use of these supplements include:

  • Individuals who deal with high blood pressure and other issues in their cardiovascular system
  • Someone who has multiple members of their family with heart disease
  • Anyone who wants to improve their blood flow and blood health
  • Individuals who are trying to shed some weight
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the side effects that come with heart medication

The purpose of these supplements is to keep control over blood pressure with natural ingredients, improving the typical range that it remains within. Adding some diet and exercise can further help.
Unfortunately, anyone who has been told to take medication instead will not get what they need from a blood pressure supplement. Consumers should always follow their doctor’s orders.

How Can Consumers Lower Blood Pressure Without Taking Medication?

Even though doctors often push medicine to improve the user’s blood pressure, there are many natural ways to strengthen the body. Speaking with a doctor about necessary changes can make a big difference, like changing the diet or avoiding smoking and alcohol. Starting with a blood pressure supplement is the start, but there are other remedies.
Here are the top recommendations from doctors today that can lower blood pressure.

Lose Weight

One of the best ways to improve blood pressure is to enhance weight loss. Maintaining a weight that is far above the recommendation for your height and age puts a lot of stress on the body. Apart from the damage to the user’s blood pressure, it also interrupts sleeping and can cause sleep apnea.
Men should have a 40-inch or lower waistline, while women should have a waist of 35 inches or lower. By reducing weight, can help substantially.

Exercise More Often

Exercise is a healthy habit to take on, and it can help users improve and regulate their blood pressure. The recommended amount of physical activity is about 150 minutes per week, broken down into five days of 30 minutes of exercise for each one.

Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet

Making a change in the diet is an easy way to lose weight, but it also helps nourish the heart with the body’s nutrients. Improving the number of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products in the diet is incredibly helpful. An easy way to take advantage of this diet is to pursue the DASH diet, which is often promoted by individuals who want to eliminate high blood pressure.

Eat Less Sodium

The overconsumption of sodium can be pretty dangerous for consumers, especially considering that there is so much salt in food nowadays. Fast food, processed foods, and even frozen foods can be the culprit, and the majority of experts recommend staying below 2,300 mg of sodium daily. Individuals that want to reduce the sodium in their body for lower blood pressure should focus on consuming less than 1,500 mg daily.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Though there are a few ways that alcohol can help consumers, individuals that regularly drink a lot of alcohol are prone to high blood pressure. Anyone that likes to imbibe should limit themselves to no more than a drink or two a day.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is another bad habit that consumers will need to kick if they want to reduce high blood pressure. Smoking cigarettes drastically increases blood pressure for just a small tie, but it can remain high for a little while after the user puts out their cigarette. By quitting this habit, consumers can have a profound effect on blood pressure.

Reduce Caffeine Consumption

While there is still research being pursued on caffeine’s effect on blood pressure, many studies show that caffeine can slowly raise blood pressure. This effect is more common in individuals that do not regularly drink caffeine since they are not used to it. For individuals who want to see how their blood pressure levels are impacted, take a reading about 30 minutes after coffee or a caffeinated soda.

Reduce Stress

Stress takes a toll on the entire body, and blood pressure is no exception. Stress can trigger higher blood pressure, and the only way to bring it back down is by reducing the stress or releasing the need for control.

Buy a Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor won’t necessarily bring down an individual’s blood pressure levels. Instead, it helps consumers to monitor how their blood pressure is reacting to their changes. Having a greater understanding of the triggers for high blood pressure makes it easy to make a change.

Talk to a Doctor

Talking to a medical professional is one of the best things that consumers can do to check their blood pressure and improve it. They’ll be able to recommend heart medication or advise other changes that the individual needs to make.

Scientific Evidence Behind the Use of Blood Pressure Supplements

Every single blood pressure supplement has an assortment of ingredients that help users to improve their blood pressure. The majority of these ingredients have substantial support and research to back up their use.
Potassium, for example, is pivotal to maintaining the proper blood pressure levels. If an individual consumes more salt than they are supposed to have, potassium works to clear the excess from the body. It also relaxes the walls of blood vessels. Studies show that potassium’s use helps consumers keep their systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which is particularly helpful to individuals that typically maintain a high-sodium diet.
Magnesium is another mineral that plays a significant role in the regulation of blood pressure. Magnesium is used for many processes, including the synthesis of protein, supporting the immune system, promoting better nerve function, and nourishing the health of the muscles. A review in 2016 allowed researchers to examine precisely how effective magnesium can be for individuals with high blood pressure. Even using 300 mg of magnesium for one month will help users to lower their blood pressure substantially.
Some people use fiber as a way to improve blood pressure. Fiber is necessary for the movement of waste through the body, and it is closely connected to the heart’s health. With the right amount of dietary fiber, users can reduce high cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. It also minimizes the user’s risk of cardiovascular disease and improves the regularity of the digestive system. Researchers have found that the inclusion of fiber can help with systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. In 2005, a study was performed to show how just 12 grams of fiber could improve the user’s blood pressure.
The body already produces coenzyme Q10, but a supplement can help individuals that need to improve their heart health and blood pressure. It enhances the number of antioxidants in the body, which has a significant impact on the heart. Based on the recent research in 2016, there’s no evidence that these supplements can affect the user’s blood pressure. More studies are needed to see if there’s any connection.
Calcium is needed for cardiovascular health. It is used to improve blood clotting and to improve the heartbeat. A study in 2015 revealed that calcium has a negligible impact on the heart’s health. Most people get the amount of calcium that they need from their daily diet.
Fish oil supplements have become relatively common for individuals that want to improve their heart health and blood pressure. Supplements made with fish oil typically have a high amount of EPA and DHA, which can also be sourced from krill oil. In 2016, a study on the use of fish oil supplements examined the effects on 312 people for eight weeks. This study ultimately concluded that the use of fish oil supplements helped to drastically lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce blood pressure levels.
Digestive health is a necessity, and probiotics are beneficial to achieve these effects. Some studies suggest that the use of these probiotics can help individuals to improve blood pressure as well. By promoting better bacteria levels in the cut, lowering blood pressure is relatively easy as well. Most people get the probiotics that they need from yogurt and other foods that are naturally cultured. Balanced gut bacteria have consistently been linked to better heart health.
L-arginine helps individuals that have supplements with vitamin B6 and B12 as well. It improves the production of nitric oxide, and it widens the blood vessels. With more oxygen delivered throughout the body, blood pressure is much easier to lower. Based on the research posted by the Mayo Clinic, supplementing with L-arginine every day helps reduce diastolic blood pressure.
Though most people think of garlic to season the foods they like, it has also been a crucial part of medicine for hundreds of years. The use of garlic can reduce high blood pressure since it makes the arteries less stiff. It also balances the microbiota of the gut.
Traditional medicine has focused on the use of hawthorn to improve the user’s chances of resisting heart disease. It improves high blood pressure, and it can take down bad cholesterol levels. There have already been numerous studies with animals and humans, helping to improve blood flow. This improvement is significant for blood circulation and blood pressure levels.
Other than these ingredients, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health recommends the use of cocoa, black tea, green tea, flaxseed, and hibiscus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Pressure Supplements

Q: What is a blood pressure supplement?

A: A blood pressure supplement allows users to improve their blood pressure levels using high-quality vitamins, minerals, and other extracts. They are not a substitute for medical intervention or a prescription.

Q: How does a blood pressure supplement work?

A: Each supplement benefits the user’s blood pressure in different ways. While some improve the nitric oxide in the body, others increase antioxidants to eliminate potential free radicals. They can lower inflammation and make it easier for the body to transport blood throughout the body.

Q: Why is it important to lower blood pressure?

A: Individuals that have high blood pressure are prone to dealing with problems like cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the top killer of people globally, and individuals with high blood pressure have a much greater chance of developing it.

Q: What are the best vitamins and supplements that consumers can take to help with high blood pressure?

A: Both magnesium and potassium are beneficial ingredients to include in any supplement to improve blood pressure.

Q: How can users get potassium from food?

A: Dried apricots, spinach, tomatoes, milk, bananas, fat-free yogurt, mushrooms, tomatoes, and avocados are all excellent sources of potassium for consumers.

Q: How can users get magnesium from food?

A: Several rich sources of magnesium include almonds, spinach, cashews, peanuts, black beans, avocados, brown rice, and potatoes.

Q: What foods should users stay away from to reduce high blood pressure?

A: Alcohol and caffeine are both terrible for high blood pressure. Consumers should also avoid using antidepressants, NSAIDs, and some other drugs if it is at all possible. However, none of these remedies should stop being used under the guidance of a doctor.

Q: Is it possible to prevent high blood pressure from occurring?

A: Yes. Consumers that make changes to their diet and lifestyle can potentially benefit consumers. However, issues like a family history of high blood pressure can influence the future of individuals.

Q: Which supplement from this list is the best one?

A: All of the products can help users to improve their health and reduce high blood pressure. For consumers that want to browse other remedies themselves, finding formulas that have ingredients like omega-3, probiotics, and calcium can be beneficial.

Q: How do users reduce high blood pressure?

A: Lifestyle changes can be beneficial to consumers. Taking on more exercise and improving the way that the individual eats can help as well. Losing weight and eliminating bad habits (like smoking) can be helpful.

Q: What is high blood pressure?

A: High blood pressure means that the individual has a higher blood pressure than 130/80 consistently.

Q: How does someone know if they are dealing with high blood pressure?

A: The majority of people are entirely unaware of their high blood pressure, and it can be hard to detect without speaking with a medical professional. Getting an annual physical exam can detect anything new.

Q: What is the cause of high blood pressure?

A: Many factors can influence the possibility of high blood pressure, including diet, exercise, race, obesity, diabetes, hormonal problems, medications, caffeine, and even family history.

Q: What is considered to be normal blood pressure?

A: Anything under 120/80 is considered to be normal blood pressure to doctors.

Q: What is “mm Hg”?

A: The phrase “mm Hg” is an abbreviation for millimeters of mercury.

Q: What is hypertension?

A: Hypertension is the official medical term to describe high blood pressure.

Q: What exactly is the DASH diet?

A: DASH is an abbreviation for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This type of diet helps users to reduce the amount of sodium that they take in. The diet also involves more protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Q: Will participating in the Mediterranean diet help with high blood pressure?

A: Yes. According to multiple studies, this type of diet can be helpful to individuals that want to improve the health of their hearts. It usually emphasizes the use of fruits, vegetables, bread, seeds, nuts, and cereals.

Q: Which foods will naturally help users to reduce high blood pressure?

A: Consuming foods like leafy green vegetables, beets, and high fiber foods are all incredibly helpful. It also helps to consume berries, oatmeal, seeds, fruits, and other vegetables.

Q: What minerals can help consumers to reduce their high blood pressure?

A: Calcium, potassium, and magnesium are beneficial to the management of high blood pressure.

Q: Is it safe to use a blood pressure supplement?

A: Yes. The majority of people can safely use a blood pressure supplement when they follow the outlined instructions. Users with blood pressure issues should start by speaking with a doctor to confirm the problem before going any further.

Q: What herbs can help with blood pressure?

A: Hawthorn and garlic are two of the top herbs to use by individuals that want to reduce their high blood pressure. Their use goes back centuries.

Q: What is the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

A: While a reading of systolic blood pressure will show how much force the blood exerts across the walls as the heart pumps blood, diastolic blood pressure is measured between heartbeats.

Q: What are the common symptoms associated with high blood pressure?

A: There are no typical symptoms that arise with high blood pressure. However, if the individual’s blood pressure is extremely high, they may have chest pain, breathing issues, headaches, and chest pain.

Q: What side effects are ordinarily associated with the use of drugs for high blood pressure?

A: Medications are not perfect. That’s why side effects like headaches, weakness, dizziness, heart rhythm problems, swelling, low potassium levels, and constipation. The specific medication will determine the types of side effects that users experience. Diuretics, ACE inhibitors, and different kinds of blockers have different issues associated with them.

Q: What exactly is blood pressure?

A: Blood pressure determines how much pressure is placed on the arteries by the blood. This force is typically placed upon the arteries as the heart pumps blood.

Q: Why is high blood pressure so deadly?

A: Often, there are no symptoms associated with high blood pressure, which is why it is so dangerous. Too much pressure is risky to the heart, causing many health problems when it is not treated.

The Top Blood Pressure Supplements in 2021 Final Thoughts

Whenever someone takes on a blood pressure supplement, they need to make sure that the remedy uses ingredients proven to work for their cardiovascular health. It doesn’t matter if the user wants to improve their blood sugar levels, promote better liver health, or even increase their testosterone levels – dealing with high blood pressure can help all of these efforts.
All of the supplements on this list can ensure that users will get the support that their body needs in a completely safe way. However, new companies are launching remedies all the time, which means that new products may help users.
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