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A Sydney resident has issued an urgent warning after discovering a “devastating” amount of mould hiding in her bedroom.
Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the woman urged home owners to check behind their beds after finding large amounts of mould behind the headboard of her bed frame.
The warning comes as millions of Australians continue to battle mould throughout their homes as heavy persistent rain soaks many parts of the country.
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In her post, the resident claimed the extensive hidden mould could be the cause of the headaches and sinus infections that she and her partner have been suffering.
“Health alert. Please check for mould in your bedrooms and home, this was discovered behind our bed frame headboard,” she wrote on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook page.
“Front on view has no mould but once we moved the frame off against the wall the backboard was covered in it. Even our things inside the drawers had mould.

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“Unknowingly, every night we’ve been sleeping with this mould above our heads – wondering why we have headaches, sinus issues and more.
“If anyone in your family are allergic to mould like us please check behind photo frames, inside your wardrobes and drawers as we found some items also covered in mould. Jackets, boots, and bags … just check everything!”
Hundreds of social media users responded to the post, with several saying that they too had discovered mould behind – and inside – their bed heads.
“We just discovered the same on the insides of our fabric bed frame,” said one.
“When we pulled the black covering fabric off it was covered in green. Feeling sick that we had been sleeping on this and hoping it’s only been recent with this shocking weather.”
Added another: “Oh snap! I have the exact bed and just cleaned that mouldy smell yesterday!
“I’m worried it still has that mould smell, used clove oil but the compartments have a smell over the clove scent.”
Wrote a third: “Yep, my husband kept having breathing difficulties, even went to [hospital] one night.
“We upgraded our bed and turns out the bottom of the mattress was all mouldy!”
Many other home owners said they too were struggling with mould throughout their homes.
“This is my entire house no matter what I do. This weather,” said one.
“It’d so bad! I threw so much stuff after the floods and just finished replacing everything, just to deal with another mould outbreak,” another wrote.
Said a third: “Unfortunately it’s everywhere – my fridge, dining area and bathroom are all mouldy.”
Added one more: “The walls, windows, under the table, under the couch, my mattress!
“I can’t afford to get a new one yet either, under my bed, I had to throw out half of my two-month-old son’s clothes.”
Speaking of their remedies for removing mould, many Facebook users had suggestions.
“Vinegar and water is great for mould problems,” suggested one.
Said another: “Definitely white vinegar, bleach only masks the issue but it doesn’t actually kill the mould.
“I’m a property manager and I always recommend vinegar first to kill the mould then bleach to stain it (on ceilings etc, I wouldn’t use bleach on furniture).”
A third added: “My mum has just had professional cleaning – he said don’t use bleach.
“It explodes the mould cells and spreads it further. He used Exit Mould – it doesn’t contain bleach. Drawers/cupboards/behind pictures on walls … it hides and then spreads.”

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