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An uptick in temperature and a calendar packed with exciting activities can only mean one thing — spring is here! Unfortunately, so many of us worry that sudden head pain might ruin our spring fun. The good news: A few simple tricks tamp down a burgeoning headache ’round the clock. These natural remedies for headaches may help relieve throbbing and aches in no time.
Even tiny jumps in temperature trigger perspiration as we sleep, which puts many of us at risk of waking up with headaches caused by low-grade dehydration. The fix: Enjoy cantaloupe, watermelon, or honeydew with your breakfast.
In many cases, rehydration is more effective than drugs at sending discomfort from a mild headache packing. But why melons?
Their “gel water” is up to twice as hydrating as regular H2O, according Dana Cohen, MD. Best of all, rehydration begins working in as little as five minutes, compared to 30 minutes for NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen).
If your head is throbbing during a stressful day, try this natural remedy for headaches. Close your eyes and ask yourself three questions: Where is my headache? What color is it? What shape is it?
In under two minutes, the pain should disappear. Researchers explain that the simple act of asking these questions triggers a mind-body connection that alerts your brain to involuntary tensions in your body (a similar method to pricey, in-office biofeedback). This helps you unconsciously relax muscles in your head and neck responsible for pain.
When throbbing threatens to make sleep impossible, rub your fingers over a basil leaf and sniff for three minutes. Research in Complementary Medicine Research suggests that the aroma eases head pain just as acetaminophen would. To get even more relief, try sniffing basil essential oil (Buy from iHerb, $8.10) or add a few drops to your oil diffuser.
Need another solution? Try this simple massage technique to eliminate pain or sip these herbal brews.
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