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Average monthly visits to site: 22,035
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 106%
Founder: Brittany Kozerski
Jade Swim makes womens swimsuits using sustainable materials, such as Econyl, or nylon that are produced from ocean and landfill waste. Founder Brittany Kozerski founded the brand after working as a fashion editor at Marie Claire. 

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Average monthly visits to site: 43,237
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 113%
Founder: Jaimee Lupton
Monday makes four shampoos for different types of hair, each free of parabens and other chemicals and sold in the brand’s recyclable, light-pink bottles.
New Zealand-based founder Jaimee Lupton started the brand to combat “the lack of transparency and extortionate pricing across the beauty sector,” according to Monday’s website.
Average monthly visits to site: 104,009
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 116%
Founders: Rob Abrahams, Rob Green
UK-based Coat Paint makes house paints that the company says are carbon-neutral. It also makes swatches that customers can buy and stick to their walls in order to decide between shades such as “Adulting” (dark greyish teal) and “Sweatpants” (pale grey).
The brand launched in September 2020 and sells through its own DTC website as well as through Urban Outfitters in the UK.

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Average monthly visits to site: 29,079
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 116%
Founders: Nina Mullen, Hilary Quartner, Lily Galef
Hilma makes “natural remedies” that it says tackle digestive problems, gas, and other common minor health issues. Its latest product, Gentle Bowel Movement Support, targets constipation. The brand sells products through its direct-to-consumer website as well as at Target stores.

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Average monthly visits to site: 68,551
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 118%
Founder: James Fayal
Zest Tea makes bagged teas that contain caffeine as well as amino acids that it says “moderate caffeine’s effects” to avoid jitters. Besides its own website, the brand sells its teas at Whole Foods, as well as Albertsons and Ahold-owned supermarkets in the Eastern parts of the US.
Zest Tea’s flavors include spicy masala chai, pomegranate mojito, and cinnamon apple. A bag of 20 bags costs $12.95 on the company’s website, though customers pay less if they subscribe.
Average monthly visits to site: 25,122
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 118%
Founders: Hayley Dineen, Lana Van Brunt
Sackville & Co. makes and sells pipes, grinders, and other accessories for cannabis directly to consumers as well as through local store partners in the US and Canada.
Founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt developed the brand for “design-forward” cannabis accessories, according to The Strategy. They founded the Toronto-based company in 2017, a year before recreational marijuana usage became legal in Canada.
Average monthly visits to site: 26,670
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 122%
Founder: Sravya Adusumilli
Mango People makes cosmetics with environmentally conscious ingredients. Instead of artificial dyes, for instance, the brand uses fruit to color its products. The brand offers shades of lipstick, bronzer, and other cosmetics meant to work with all skin tones, Founder Sravya Adusumilli says on Mango People’s website.
Average monthly visits to site: 555,670
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 130%
Founders: Devir Kahan, Jon Shanahan
Stryx makes cosmetics for men, including tinted moisturizers, beard gel, and pimple patches. It was part of startup accelerator XRC Labs’ Cohort 8 in 2019. The brand sells its products in Target stores as well as on its own website.
The brand pitches its products as “grooming essentials that you can use alongside your other products,” Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder Jon Shanahan told Modern Retail in March. “They just happen to be a cosmetic product.”
Average monthly visits to site: 27,924
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 131%
Founder: David Smith
High Brew Coffee makes canned, ready-to-drink cold brew that it says is low-sugar and low-acid. It has raised about $48 million from investors including rock band Kings of Leon and CAVU Venture Partners, according to Pitchbook.

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Average monthly visits to site: 51,229
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 137%
Founder: Alice Naylor-Leyland
UK-based Mrs. Alice‘s products range from eating utensils to wicker vases. Its tableware makes setting up silver, plates, and other decor for a meal — or “the art of Tablescaping,” as the brand calls it — accessible. The brand also releases new, curated selections depending on the season.
Average monthly visits to site: 151,744
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 146%
Founder: Nancy Ramamurthi
Proper makes supplements meant to help buyers sleep easier. Its products come in both melatonin and hemp varieties. Founder and CEO Nancy Ramamurthi’s career has spanned Coca-Cola, EBay, apparel startup ModCloth, and Walmart’s online grocery division.
Average monthly visits to site: 122,117
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 148%
Founders: Matt Kennedy, Eddie Fisher
Fussy makes aluminum- and paraben-free deodorant. Customers buy a colorful holder with their first purchase that they can refill with compostable deodorant sticks after each use. The brand’s founders gained notoriety on the UK reality TV series Dragon’s Den, a startup pitch show similar to Shark Tank in the US.
Average monthly visits to site: 41,499
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 159%
Founder: Laura Harnett
Seep makes eco-friendly cleaning products. Its selection includes sponges made from cellulose and copper scourers that can be recycled. The brand sells its products through Amazon, UK department store Selfridges, as well as its own website.

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Average monthly visits to site: 32,788
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 161%
Founder: Dianna Cohen
Crown Affair makes high-quality hair-care essentials formulated with simple ingredients. The brand, founded by an Into the Gloss and Away luggage alum, is now sold in Sephora and closed a $4.5 Series A round of funding in March 2022.

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Average monthly visits to site: 64,625
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 162%
Founders: Alexandra Fine, Janet Lieberman
Dame makes sex toys for women, designed by a sexologist and a female engineer. Launched in 2014, Dame closed a $4 million seed round in 2021. Dame’s vibrators are sold through its own website and at retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Revolve, and Nordstrom. 

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Average monthly visits to site: Fatty15
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 180%
Founders: Stephanie Venn-Watson, Eric Venn-Watson
Fatty15 makes fatty-acid nutritional supplements with a proprietary formula developed by a veterinary epidemiologist and a former physician for the U.S. Navy that are also husband and wife.
Similar to omega-3 fatty acids, Fatty15 is meant to boost immune and metabolic health, but without the fishy-smell omega-3 vitamins are known for. The couple’s biotech firm Seraphina Therapeutics closed a 5.5 million seed round in 2022.
Average monthly visits to site: 288,902
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 180%
Founders: James Karraker, Matthew Gamache-Asselin
Alto is an online pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Houston. The company, founded in 2015, closed a $200 million Series E funding round in January 2022.

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Average monthly visits to site: 162,092
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 210%
Founder: Coulter Lewis
Sunday sells lawn care essentials through a customized subscription plan on its website. Annual subscription plans run from $228 to $330 per year. The company’s products are also sold at Lowe’s and Walmart.

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Average monthly visits to site: 87, 739
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 243%
Founder: Mazdak Sanii
Avant Arte collaborates with artists to create limited-edition sculptures and prints sold at affordable prices for the “new generation of art collector.” In March of 2022, the company started releasing NFTs.

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Average monthly visits to site: 39, 899
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 260%
Founders: Mike Gammel, Duncan Keith
Days Brewing Co. makes non-alcoholic beers, developed with a master brewer to protect the integrity of the beer’s flavor while removing the alcohol. The Scotland-based startup sells a customizable subscription service on its website, with free shipping to U.K. customers. 

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Average monthly visits to site: 39,703
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 286%
Founders: Cristian Boada, Jessica Sturzenegger
Amara Organic Foods makes organic, plant-based food for babies and toddlers. Founded in 2012, the company closed a $12 million Series A round of funding in November 2021.
Average monthly visits to site: 40, 573
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 289%
Founders: Jean-Marie de Gentile, Hugo de Gentile
Willo makes a “robotic tooth-brushing device” for kids. Founded by a French dentist and his son, the startup closed a $7.5 million seed round led by Kleiner Perkins in 2019.

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Average monthly visits to site: 99, 563
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 305%
Founders: Eric Korman, Chrishelle Lim
Phlur makes fine fragrance designed to appeal to younger consumers who aren’t shopping for scents at department store counters. Launched in 2015, the brand was acquired by Los Angeles-based brand incubator The Center in 2021, and relaunched in 2022 with fashion influencer Chrishelle Lim leading the creative vision.
Average monthly visits to site: 42,646
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 313%
Founders: Katie Wilson, Nick Wilson
BelliWelli makes snack bars that follow the FODMAP diet, a protocol often recommended to people dealing with irritable bowel syndrome. The Los Angeles-based startup closed a $1 million seed round in March 2021 and sells its products on its website, Thrive Market, and Amazon.

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Average monthly visits to site: 141, 631
Quarter-over-quarter web-traffic growth: 1151%
Founders: Henry Sether, Tara Bloom
Misfits makes plant-based, low-sugar protein bars. The U.K.-based company closed a $4.8 million Series A round of funding in September.
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