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Summer season is going on and in this season people start facing many problems. This season brings with it many diseases and in this season many problems have to be faced from cold to hot. During this, many efforts have to be made to go from eating to weight loss. While eating, one has to think about what to eat and what not and while going out, one has to think about whether or not to go or how to avoid the sun. are. Now today we are going to tell you in our article what not to eat in summer, how to avoid the sun, ways to avoid heatstroke, home remedies and many more which can be useful for you.

What to eat during summer
Cereals: Whole grains and millets like jowar, barley, rice, brown rice, ragi, bajra, barnyard millet, kodo bajra, buckwheat, and arrowroot flour are considered cool cereals to include in your diet in summer So there are great benefits to health.
Pulses: Pulses like moong, lentils, and cowpea (or amaranth) are more suitable in summer than other pulses because all of them are colder in nature.
Fruits: There are many such cool fruits that help in cooling the body in summer. Yes and this list includes Mango, Watermelon, Melon, Jamun, Lychee, Orange, Guava, Papaya, and Banana. Let us tell you that all these fruits contain a good amount of water content, fiber, and antioxidants.

Dried fruits: Black currants and raisins are healthy to eat during summers as they are too cold for our system.
Vegetables: Vegetables especially bitter gourd, long gourd, round gourd (kumda), chichinda, dodka, parwal, kantola/kakoda), tinda, kundru, turai, etc. are good these days, and contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and Has medicinal properties. Apart from this, eat cucumber, tomato, spinach, okra, pumpkin, capsicum and bell pepper, eggplant, lettuce, and potatoes too fiercely.
Water- It is necessary to keep drinking water continuously during the summer days. Apart from this, you can drink buttermilk. Actually, buttermilk is very good to keep the body cool in summer. Actually, lactic acid is found in it, which is more healthy than skim milk. It brings agility to the body.

Corn- Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, and folate are found in corn. Yes, and it also contains fiber, which is very good for digestion. So you can eat it too.
Jackfruit- Jackfruit is found abundantly in summer and it is helpful in reducing increased blood pressure. In such a situation, you can eat jackfruit in summer.
Kiwi – Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K are found in Kiwis. It is very good for the heart, teeth, kidneys, and brain. Along with this, it is also very good for bones. In such a situation, you can eat it during the summer days.

Mango – Mango is available in plenty in summer. Yes, it is rich in Vitamin C and Iron. Along with this, it is also very good for pregnant women.
Watermelon- Watermelon is also very good in summer and it fulfills the lack of water in the body in summer. Its consumption in the summer season is beneficial for the body.
Yogurt- Yogurt is high in protein and low in fat. Along with this, the curd is also very helpful in weight loss. Apart from this, it also makes the digestive system very strong.
Tomatoes- Tomatoes can also give you benefits in summer. In fact, they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They also contain beneficial phytochemicals such as lycopene, which help in the treatment of chronic diseases like cancer.
Orange- You can eat an orange in summer because it contains a lot of potassium which is considered essential in the summer season. At the same time, potassium comes out through sweat in summer, which increases the chances of muscle cramps. Yes and eating oranges in this season keeps the required amount of potassium in the body.

Green tea- Green tea works to keep you hydrated during summers. Yes, many studies so far have found that green tea fights cancer, reduces the risk of heart disease, and also lowers cholesterol, and improves metabolism.
Coconut water – Coconut water is one of the important healthy foods to make up for the loss of water due to sweating during the hot summer days. Yes, and it is a natural beverage that is loaded with simple sugar, electrolytes, and minerals.

What not to eat
Outside food and junk food – Eating them during summer can be a big problem. Although junk food remains a part of our diet and every other day we all have a habit of eating outside food this habit is healthy. can spoil it. Yes and to keep yourself healthy, one should avoid consuming junk food as it can cause indigestion in summer. Yes, junk food contains a lot of oil, energy, and sodium which is harmful to our skin, weight, and digestion. Along with this, it takes a lot of time to digest junk food. Because of this, consumption of junk food should be avoided during summers.
Avoid Meat – Seafood poisoning is most common during the summer. Because of this, the consumption of seafood should be avoided during the summer days. Apart from this, avoid eating red meat because the amount of fat in it is very high, and eating it is seen to increase the body temperature.

Avoid spicy food- Our digestive system has to work more to digest spicy food, along with this some spices also work to increase the temperature in our body. Keep in mind that during summer, eat light and fresh food as this can be most beneficial for your health.
Tea and Coffee- One should also avoid eating too hot during the summer days and especially drinking tea and coffee. Both of these can be bad for health and both of them have a bad effect on health, that is why drinking both of them should be avoided. Should be avoided. Drinking both of these in summer can lead to indigestion, vomiting.
Sauce- The eating sauce should also be avoided during summer as it can cause major harm to health.

Do not drink too much cold water- Try to drink normal water as much as possible in summer. Keep in mind that in these days, do not keep water in the fridge, but drink water from a pot or a jug. Apart from this, normal water should also be drunk to avoid heat in summer. In fact, drinking cold water increases weight and also has a bad effect on health.
Causes of heatstroke- Let us tell you that the rising mercury in summer turns the winds into heat. Yes, and in such a situation, if we go out in the sun without covering the whole body, then there is every possibility of getting heatstroke. Apart from this, walking barefoot in the hot sun, leaving the house without eating anything, drinking less water, leaving the AC place and going into the sun immediately, coming out of the sun and drinking cold water immediately and people who drink less water get heat soon. Is.

Symptoms of heatstroke – Frequent dry mouth, high fever and feeling short of breath, vomiting and dizziness, loose motions, headache, the feeling of body aches, numbness of hands and feet Feeling like fainting and feeling tired – starts happening.
How to avoid heatstroke in summer
* Umbrella should be used while going out in the sun during summer. Apart from this, covering the head should be done in the sun.
* Get out of the house after drinking water or any cold syrup. Mango Panna, shikanji, khus ka sherbet are included in this list because it is very beneficial.
* Do not drink cold water immediately after coming from the strong sun and sweating excessively because it can give you harm.

* One should keep drinking water again and again during the summer days, it will benefit you.
Mixing lemon and salt in water should be kept drinking two-three times a day because by doing so the risk of heat stroke is less.
* Do not stay empty stomach while going out in the sun.
The vegetable soup should be consumed during summer because it does not cause heatstroke.
* Wear light-colored and cotton, linen clothes in summer.

* Avoid consuming too much salt, pungent and sour foods. Apart from this, avoid eating stale food and eat light food.
Apart from this, coriander and mint can be taken. In fact, to avoid heatstroke, one should drink coriander and mint juice daily in summer.
* Bael's syrup should be drunk in summer as it protects from heatstroke.
* Before taking a bath, mix barley flour with water and apply it to the body after making a paste after some time take a bath with cold water because it reduces the effect of heatstroke.
* Jaggery should be eaten after eating in the summer season because it also reduces the fear of heatstroke.

What to do if you have got heatstroke (home remedy) – If you have got heatstroke then go to the doctor immediately and consult him. On the other hand, if we talk about home remedies, then when the fever is high, the person should lie down in the open air and keep a band of ice on the head. Along with this, mixing salt, sugar, and lemon in the water of an earthen pot should be given. During this time, ice water should be avoided. During this, a paste should be made by mixing sattu and ground onion together and it should be applied to the body of the person suffering from heatstroke. Mango leaves are considered more beneficial in heatstroke. At the same time, instead of boiling raw mango, roast it in the fire and after it cools down, take out its pulp and mix cumin, coriander, sugar, salt, black pepper, and water to make a solution and give it to the person suffering from heatstroke.

With this, let us tell you that due to heatstroke, there is a shortage of minerals and electrolytes in the body, most of all, the amount of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium decreases significantly. In view of this, apple cider vinegar should be used. You can also consume Giloy. In fact, Giloy also helps in increasing the body's immunity. On the other hand, according to Ayurveda, Giloy is considered to be a sedative for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Along with this, it cures high fever in heatstroke very well and quickly. Prickly heat occurs on the body due to heatstroke and excessive heat. In such a situation, you can mix gram flour in water and apply it on prickly heat.

Yogasanas in summer
Pranayama- People should do pranayama during the summer days because it is considered to be the best and the body remains cool by doing it.
Sheetali Pranayama- To do this asana, join the teeth lightly. Take deep long breaths with your tongue behind your teeth. Breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Actually, this is such an asana that can be done at any time of the day. Keep in mind that you do this at least 11 times. On the other hand, if the lips are dry, do it five to six times in the beginning. Yes, it reduces the temperature of the body as well as keeps the brain cool keep in mind that those who have phlegm, should not do it.
Bhramari Pranayama- Bhramari Pranayama is better to keep the mind cool during the summer days. For this, close the ears and eyes and pronounce the sound 'M'. Keep in mind that if you are elderly or suffering from cervical, then do it intermittently when the shoulder hurts.

Sarvangasana- The body temperature rises significantly during summer. In such a situation, by doing Sarvangasana, the blood flow goes towards the brain. Keep in mind that patients with cervical and high blood pressure should not do it at all. To do this, fold the blanket 4 times or lie on your back on a yoga mat. Now raise both the legs upwards without bending the knees. During this, support the waist with both hands by keeping the elbows on the ground. After that keep both the legs straight up and make a 90-degree angle.
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