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If you have been looking for a guide on some of the lost traditional skills, “The Lost Frontier Handbook” written by Suzanne Sherman is an ideal publication offered in digital and hardback that covers lost and forgotten skills on how to survive about anything. The guide teaches consumers about preserving large amounts of food supplies, making potent medicinal remedies, and how to get a steady supply of clean drinking water.

“The Lost Frontier Handbook” Contents

The handbook contains vital remedies and step-by-step guidelines on how to:

  • Make “Frontier Penicillin, “which has been applicable for centuries to prevent various infections
  • Safely treat burns, wounds, and breaks in case of unprecedented occurrences to your loved ones.
  • Create disinfectants for different home-based purposes
  • Soothe sore throat or cough and alleviate itchiness
  • Come up with painkillers for injuries, chronic pain, and toothaches without the need for addictive drugs
  • The guide uncovers how to treat fungal infections and warts, alleviate inflammation, and arthritis, treat cold sores, and what approach to take if your loved one has been poisoned.

How to Preserve Food, Stockpiling, and Spoilage

The Lost Frontier Handbook provides you with the means to perfectly preserve tasty meals without chemical preservatives, survival rations, or electricity. Additionally, it guides consumers on how to:

  • Preserve meat for months by curing, dehydrating, smoking, salting, larding, and many more approaches.
  • Hunt, tan, and trade highly profitable skins.
  • Refrigerate food with an 18th-century icehouse, root cellar, or using an extended evaporation technique without electricity
  • Sacking and preserving for the inexperienced
  • Garden and grow plants

The book reveals how you can grow medicinal herbs and provides hacks on identifying food spoiling dangers. You also learn to track supplies to ensure they don’t run out.

Thriving through A Economic Depression

Those who lived it; studied and analyzed it. This is not some self-proclaimed person who has never skipped a meal. The book is a guide by those who starved for weeks, and it includes instructions on how to:

  • Raise chickens that provide continuous eggs, meat, and garden pest control
  • Save monthly cash for food by giving feasting tips and minimizing wastage.
  • Create high-value household products, including glues and soaps
  • Make ginger beer and soda the old-fashioned way, saving you up to $1000 annually
  • Saving seasonal wild plants that are edible

Survival Superfoods that you’ll Require

The hardcover contains some of the most nutritionally balanced, dependable formulas you’ll ever find. The manuscript enables you to survive in difficult seasons, and it comprises:

  • Affordable soup that’s served with delicious meals
  • A 100-years worth of rations for survival that were used by the native Americans during long trips, including arctic explorers and fur trappers, over the centuries
  • 22 all season foods with surprising benefits
  • The bugout biscuit that never went bad even during the civil war
  • Viking foods that don’t spoil for years and were used to prevent malnutrition and scurvy

75 Items That Are More Valuable Than Gold During Crisis

Some objects may seem worthless, but they can become valuable during a crisis. An old EMP-resistant truck, can opener, photo developing kit, landline phone, coins, a coffee pot, flypaper, copper, and a swing trivet are vital even if they may not be on top of the list. Such objects are essential, but skills are also top-notch.
The ‘Lost Frontier Handbook’ is a digital manuscript that guides you on how to enjoy fresh and clean water off the grid. The handbook is your ultimate guide on making a crucial water filter during a crisis. It’s self-reliant, inexpensive, renewable, and made from natural components. In addition, the filter can combat tear gas and smoke.

Finding Free Land in the USA

‘The Lost Frontier Handbook’ provides top secret information on self-sufficiency. It enlightens you on the diverse geographic layout cutting across Alaska, Colorado, and New York. You learn the pros and cons of every location and their proximity to cities, security bases, and disasters.

3 Additional Bonuses for Free

Upon purchase of ‘The Lost Frontier Handbook,’ you are entitled to 3 other publications for free, whose regular cost is $27 each. The copies include:

‘The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden’

It’s a special edition by Claude Davis that lays out how to develop an 80 sq. ft medical garden. It provides you with a blueprint for planting highly effective herbs. Ideally, the guide enables you to grow herbs on your apartment’s rooftop, lawn, or patio. With limited space, you can mold a walk-in natural pharmacy garden with herbs that can address different sorts of ailments.

‘Surviving an Economic Collapse’

This volume provides tips on how to get through national tragedies. It showcases how an Argentinean endured the worst meltdown in history. There was government collapse, riots, black market gangsters, 5000% inflation, and 25% of unemployed citizens struggling to feed themselves. In addition, the book covers how Luis maneuvered the hard times with his 6-years-old daughter.

‘Homestead cooking 101.’

The manuscript uncovers various off-grid recipes and cooking techniques during a crisis. Most people rely on electricity and gas, but there are no cooking means during blackouts. ‘Homestead Cooking provides traditional methods like wood stoves, and it unravels:

  • How to use a car engine for cooking during a blackout
  • Bake bread without fire or electricity
  • Create recipes with a zero-electricity oven for slow cooking

Purchase the Lost Frontier Handbook

Consumers who would like their copy of The Lost Frontier Handbook can visit the official website; the Creators of the step-by-step digital guide with high-resolution images also offer detailed physical books and a 60-day money-back guarantee. The Lost Frontier Handbook can be purchased for $37.00, and customers receive three free bonuses. The creators offer three different options for purchase:

  • Printed Copy $37.00 + $8.99 Shipping
  • Digital Copy $37.00 / No Shipping Costs
  • Print and Digital $37.00 + $8.99 Shipping

Customers and consumers can reach out to the creators by email or with a phone call to:

  • Email Support:
  • Phone Support: 1-800-390-6035
  • Company Address: 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise, Idaho, 83706, USA


The 21st-century generation is staring into the abyss of missing out on vital practices founded by our ancestors. Herbal remedies, making pemmican, and building a root cellar are some of the world’s most extraordinary skills likely to be long forgotten.
‘The Lost Frontier Handbook’ can preserve and pass on these self-reliance skills before they all slide into oblivion. Securing your digital copy of the Lost Frontier Handbook today by clicking here will guarantee you three exclusively free copies and ensure you pass the knowledge on to the coming generations.
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