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One may have heard people recommend combining ginger with water or tea and drinking it when they have a cough. Alternatively, perhaps one has a kind grandmother who has given one honey in warm water to help soothe the sore throat. These are some of the most fundamental herbal remedies that the forefathers and mothers used for generations. Historically, herbal remedies were the only naturally occurring cures for any illness.
Today, as a result of increased research in the field of herbal medicine, many people prefer natural remedies to chemically synthesized medicinal drugs. The Lost Book Of Remedies is a collection of herbal medicines that cure diseases regardless of their cause. Health is the most critical aspect of survival. While pills may provide temporary relief, they ultimately harm the body. This book teaches one how to live a healthier life by utilizing only herbs and plants that are readily available in the surroundings.
What Exactly Is The Lost Book Of Remedies?
The Lost Book Of Remedies is a comprehensive collection of herbs and natural remedies for treating a wide variety of ailments. As a result, one will be able to live a fulfilling life free of the harmful side effects associated with chemically produced medication. The book includes vibrant photographs of each plant, as well as information about the disease it can be used to treat. Additionally, it informs one of the proper proportion and method of use for the plant.
The book explains how even weeds can be medicinal. Not only that, but it also prepares one for situations where one may become lost in the wilderness. The book explains which plants are edible and which ones should be avoided. The author discusses various methods for growing a plant. It discusses methods for collecting it and preserving it for the future. The plants discussed in the book are capable of curing autoimmune diseases, clotting the blood in the event of a wound, curing bacterial infections, and treating skin disorders, among other things.
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What Is The Book’s Structure?
The book’s structure is extremely straightforward. There is a single index page that is alphabetized by plant name; another index is organized alphabetically by disease name. Thus, one can navigate directly to the page of choice and discover the ideal treatment. The color photographs make it simple to locate and select the appropriate plants. Alongside the image are step-by-step instructions for growing, harvesting, using, and preserving the medicine.
The appendix is alphabetized, making it easy to read and follow along with the book. The book is 318 pages long and contains information on 169 plants, herbs, and weeds, as well as their medicinal properties. one can purchase the book as an e-book or a hard copy and take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.
Author’s Biography
Nicole Apelian, PhD, is a herbalist and the author of The Lost Book Of Remedies. She has spent over two decades studying plants and natural remedies. She graduated from McGill University with a bachelor’s degree and earned a master’s degree from the University of Oregon. She continued her education and earned a Ph.D. from Prescott College in Arizona.
Dr. Apelian was a multiple sclerosis patient. Her life had devolved to the point where she could not walk without assistance. She attempted to treat herself with pills and painful injections but to no avail. This was when she rediscovered the natural herbal medicines. She gradually gained control of her multiple sclerosis through herbal and plant remedies. Dr. Apelian’s personal experience with this heinous disease inspired her to write this book to help others.
Dr. Apelian was one of the first women to appear on the History Channel’s ‘Alone’ series in 2015. She survived in the wilderness for 57 days with only the bare necessities. She survived in the wild by utilizing her knowledge of plants.
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Are The Remedies In The Book Effective?
The book contains natural remedies for ailments that one previously believed could only be treated with over-the-counter medication. These remedies have been thoroughly tested and proven to be extremely beneficial. Thus, the treatments discussed in the book are effective. However, one must ensure that one follows the straightforward instructions for preparing and consuming the appropriate dose.
The Lost Book Of Remedies was written after the author suffered from a severe autoimmune disease that she was able to cure using natural remedies. She transitioned from a wheelchair to walking freely, thus demonstrating that herbal treatments can positively affect the body and life.
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What Are The Book’s Advantages?
If people are tired of taking pill after pill whenever they become ill, this book is for them. The following are some of the advantages contained in this book:
Where Can Individuals Purchase This Book?
At the moment, the book is only available online. One can purchase a digital copy for $37 or a hardcopy for an additional $8.99 in shipping. Additionally, one can purchase both a digital and physical copy for $37 plus shipping.
If folks order the hardcopy online, they will receive two additional books as a bonus: ‘An Awesome 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden’ and ‘Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook.’ The first book teaches people how to grow some of the herbs and plants mentioned in The Lost Book Of Remedies in the backyard. This eliminates the need for one to go shopping for ingredients to prepare the remedies.
The second book is beneficial, particularly when assistance is unavailable quickly. The book discusses common infections and diseases and their diagnosis and treatment. The Lost Book Of Remedies contains information on how to treat these ailments.
Return And Refund Policy
The book includes a 60-day trial period. If one is dissatisfied with the book for any reason, one simply needs to send an email within sixty days of purchase. The company will then issue a full refund with no questions asked.
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing The Book
Conclusion: The Lost Book Of Remedies
This is a world where billions of dollars are spent on medical research to find cures for an infinite number of diseases. The author of this book teaches one how to make their own plant-based medicines in an affordable and cost-effective manner. If people have exhausted all possible sources of medicinal drugs, they must try the remedies contained in this book. They will develop a greater love and appreciation for the natural world around them as a result of this book.
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