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As the maximum temperature soars around the country, all of us are looking for summer drinks to keep ourselves cool and hydrated. There are various options like lassi, jaljeera, buttermilk, but bael juice is among the best, according to nutritionist Lovneet Batra. She says the “bael fruit is a gift to humans from God”. But why is it deemed so healthy? What is so special about the wood apple squash? In a new Instagram post, Lovneet Batra listed out the many health benefits of bael for digestion, purification, metabolism, etc.
While the wood-apple does not look or smell either on the outside or inside, it carries several health benefits that are difficult to overlook. A popular fruit in the Indian sub-continent, the pulp inside has a sour, funky taste.
Let’s have a look at its health benefits in detail:
Digestion: Bael kills the parasites in our gut and treats digestive disorders. Its laxative property helps in relieving constipation, discomfort and subsequent pain.
Purification: Bael ka sharbat prepared with warm water helps purify blood and removes toxins. This reduces the load on the liver and kidneys. Because the juice detoxifies the body, it helps to prevent kidney problems while also maintaining gut health.
Metabolism: By activating the digestive system, bael juice helps the body absorb nutrition and allows it to secrete digestive juices in the gut to stabilize and improve metabolism. By boosting metabolism, it helps in reducing weight as well.
Skin and hair health: A glass of bael juice is considered among the best remedies for natural skin exfoliation. It can treat acne, skin tans, rashes and several other skin-related issues. Wood apples also promote hair growth. Having bael juice regularly enhances hair growth by stimulating scalp tissues and makes the hair stronger and healthy. It helps treat a variety of hair and scalp infections too.
Here’s Lovneet Batra’s post:
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With so many health benefits packed inside a hard, rough exterior, bael is indeed a gift to us from God. Some people even make chutneys and jams with bael by cooking the pulp with sugar and spices such as cardamom.
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