*Know your oils*There are 3 types of Blackseed oil. 1. Hot pressed 2. Cold pr…


*Know your oils*

There are 3 types of Blackseed oil.
1. Hot pressed
2. Cold pressed
3. Chemically infused oil.

*Hot pressed*
gives you more quantity of oils because of the heat added but significantly reduces the chemical constituents that are beneficial. These type of oils are relatively cheaper in the market

*Cold pressed oil*
Gives you lesser quantity when extracted from the seeds because the process doesn’t entail heat. It gives you a premium quality and most of the constituents are still retained, the cost of this type of oils are far more higher than the hot pressed oils because lesser oils are gotten from the seeds.

* modified/Infused oils*
These are the types of Blackseed oils are what you see mostly in the market, they are mixed with edible vegetable oils, Both blackseed oil and edible oils are mixed together.

Herbs and health black seed oil is by far the strongest and most potent black seed oil on the market. If you want super health benefits all in a small teaspoon of oil, this is the range for you. With much a higher dose of volatile oil of up to 4.6%, it has a serious kick to its taste.

Herbsandtibb blackseed oil is a cold pressed black seed oil with high THQ level.

The Normal temperature for cold pressed oils is 120F, ours is below 100F, we adequately ensure all the nutritional value aren’t lost in the process.

Price: 100ml #5,500

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