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Every woman’s menstrual cycle is different. While for some it is painless, many others experience symptoms like pain, bloating, nausea that are not only physically taxing but also affect them mentally. So what should be done? Experts say that instead of relying on medications that provide brief relief, it is important to work on one’s internal health to treat the issue from its the root cause.
Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Alka Vijayan recently took to Instagram to share some effective tips that can be incorporated in one’s daily routine for long-lasting relief from cramps and period pain.
“They may not sound like quick fixes, but they are definitely the ultimate guide for keeping your Vata under check, which otherwise goes haywire during periods making one end up with severe cramps, burps, headache, vomiting and what not. These are the little things that our grannies used to add in their daily cooking, that kept theirs and their daughter’s uterine health intact, which unfortunately we have sidelined thinking they are not modern enough or discarded in the absence of ‘studies’ to prove them useful!” she described.
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Here are seven tips that she suggested.
*Drink fennel tea
*Use sesame oil for cooking
*Daily abhyanga (body massage) with sesame oil
*Include more cumin, fennel in cooking
*Avoid workout during periods
*Daily exercise during rest of the days
*Reduce the intake of sugar and sugary desserts
According to Dr Vijayan, “Ayurveda has clear cut reasons why and how these simple kitchen picks are so helpful in keeping the vata or uterine contractions under control”.
Would you try these?
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