How herbs can help with hay fever ?

Some new hay fever tips. If you happen to be one of the many unfortunate people who suffer from hay fever, you will likely not be all pleased about the arrival of spring, summer. Pollen laden spring air can be the source of misery and discomfort that may last for weeks or months.  Violent sneezing … Read more

Power of Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers Today I would like to talk about Chilli peppers, yes those really hot peppers that make your face turn red, and your mouth on fire. Chilli peppers are the fruit of the plant Capsicum. Also known as cayenne, many people use them as a spice and do not know that chili peppers are actually very … Read more

Health Tips – The Mysterious healing power of Dandelions

Today I would like to talk about a plant that most people just mow down in their yards without a second thought. Why do they do this ? Because this plant is generally considered to be just a nuisance weed. Little do they know the almost magical healing properties, including allergy healing, contained in this … Read more