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We sometimes struggle to find harmony during our stressful routines, and we keep trying to balance out the relation between our body and mind. People have been using all kinds of methods to help them relax and achieve a state of calmness. If you’re one of the people who benefit from smoking marijuana, you should be prepared to be tested from time to time. Companies are the most common place where drug tests are implemented.
Employees are usually given notice of an upcoming test in every workplace. Employers can notify you a month in advance, but they can also inform you just weeks or even days before the test. In any case, you should be aware of the best THC detox methods and avoid stressing out about your result.

4 Best THC Detox Methods To Clear Your System & Detox:

  1. Mega Clean Detox Drinks – Overall Best THC Detox Drink To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Quickly
  2. Toxin Rid Detox Pills – Top-Rated Marijuana Detox Pills To Cleanse Your Body
  3. Toxin Rid Hair shampoo – Popular THC Weed Hair Shampoo To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System Naturally
  4. Toxin Rid Mouthwash – Trusted THC Mouthwash To Pass An Oral Swab Drug Test

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Mega Clean Detox drinks – Overall Best THC Detox Drink To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Quickly


Drinking enough liquids can help you maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet which results in a high-quality lifestyle. The situation is more complex and requires more effort if you’re detoxing before a drug test. If you have enough time to clean your organism from toxins then you can relax and not take any drastic measures. But if you’re faced with a deadline and have only a couple of days to detox, you must search for effective and fast solutions.
You can flush out undesired toxins from your body with Detoxify’s Mega Clean detox drink. This product is an outstanding drink made purposefully for cleaning your body of toxins. It is recommended to be consumed the same day of the test. You get clear instructions on the bottle and all the steps are concisely explained.
The process of detox with the help of Mega Clean is pretty simple. You start with drinking the entire bottle and then wait for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes pass, fill the empty bottle half with water and shake it. Drink the water mixed with liquid and wait for it to start working. This drink will provoke your bladder and stomach and will help you get rid of the toxins in your body.


  • Highly effective
  • Easy to drink
  • Minimizes toxin levels fast
  • Instructions are given on the bottle
  • The product is easily accessible online


  • It’s a bit expensive method
  • Drinking more than recommended can be harmful

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mega Clean

#2. Toxin Rid Detox Pills – Top-Rated Marijuana Detox Pills To Cleanse Your Body


If you’ve been warned about an upcoming test day in advance, detox pills are a fully natural way to cleanse your body from toxins. The Toxin Rid detox pills usually require to be taken from 5 to 15 days before the drug test. This of course depends on which of the 3 detox programs you will choose.

  • 3-day Detox Pills

If you fall under the category of a moderate drug user, then you’re advised to purchase the 3-day detox pills container. It contains 45 tablets inside and you are instructed how to take them. The maximum dosage is 15 tablets per day. You should split the pills and take 3 tablets every hour for 5 straight hours.

  • 5-day Detox Pills

This program is recommended to heavy users. If you consume marijuana more often than casually, then this is the right detox plan for you. You’ll need 5 days for this program to be effective. After you’ve completed the 5-day detox you can test clean in urine, saliva, and blood tests. Again, same as the 3-day detox plan, you take 15 tablets a day but this time for 2 more days.

  • 10-day Detox Pills

The 10-day detox pills are purchased by clients with extreme toxin exposure. Logically, if you are having a strong THC presence in your system, you’ll need more time to throw it out of the organism. The container has 150 tablets, which will be split over 10 days, as with the shorter programs.
The Toxin Rid detox pill programs guarantee effectiveness on their own, but there are a few extra details that will speed up the cleansing process. If you combine the pills with a detox drink and a light diet, you will see faster results. Resting and getting enough sleep will also help to speed up the process of flushing out toxins.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe to use
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Offers programs for different user levels


  • Can be expensive

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Toxin Rid

#3. Toxin Rid Hair Shampoo – Popular THC Weed Hair Shampoo To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System Naturally


Hair drug tests are the most accurate type of test and the most dangerous for potential new employees. Even if you’ve been clean for a while you may test positive after 3 months of your last occasional smoke. Hair follicle tests show THC traces long after the last consumption.
Now, after you’ve read about the accuracy of the hair test, you may think it’s impossible to cheat on a hair follicle test. You wouldn’t be far from the truth if there wasn’t for Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo. This amazing product is invented to help you clean your roots of toxins and detox your scalp. By applying it to your hair, following the given instructions, you won’t have to worry about passing the test.
For many years, Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo has been available on the market. It contains a powerful and effective formula that aids in scalp detox and prepares you for a drug test. It costs more than a regular shampoo but the money is worth paying since it provides you with a certainty of passing the test.
It is unstructured to be applied 3 to 10 days before the test. The earlier you start using it, the more effective it will be. If you have less time to detox, then you should wash your hair multiple times a day. After applying it to the hair, gently massage, leave it for some 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse it like a regular shampoo.
For the most effective detox, you can purchase the Ultra Clean Shampoo on the day of the testing. Ultra Clean Shampoo comes at a lower price since it is for one-time usage. It finishes the detox process with one last deeply purifying treatment.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective last minute detox
  • Deep-cleansing formula
  • Natural ingredients


  • Expensive

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Toxin Rid Hair Shampoo

#4. Toxin Rid Mouthwash – Trusted THC Mouthwash To Pass An Oral Swab Drug Test


The saliva test can detect THC traces after a week of consumption. This type of test is usually implemented without much time to prepare. Luckily, it is a test easy to pass, thanks to the mouthwash products available online. The product comes at an affordable price and is easily accessible to anyone.
A huge advantage of this product is that any type of cannabis consumer can detox and pass the test successfully. Even consumers that are extremely exposed to THC can achieve effective results and benefit from Toxin Rid Rescue Wash.
Toxin Rid Rescue Wash will keep you clean of toxins up to 4 hours after mouthwash. There are a few easy steps to complete the detox and all you need is a little privacy and a sink. Take a sip of the mouthwash and keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds before you spit out the liquid. Repeat this 2 more times and you’re good to go.
One thing to keep in mind is that eating or drinking after mouthwash can reduce the detox’s effectiveness. It is advised that you refrain from consuming any other liquids or foods after washing your mouth until you have done the drug test.


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable to use
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t taste good

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Toxin Rid Mouthwash

#5. Lemon Juice

Many people have heard or have even experienced the benefits of lemons, but only a few appreciate this highly beneficial fruit. Lemons can be used in many situations and they certainly match every diet type. People can get confused about how to consume them and stop before even trying. We’ll present you some of the alternatives starting from the simplest to the more complex mixtures.

  • Lemon water

It can’t get any simpler than this. For this refreshing drink, you only need a piece of lemon and a glass of water. However, you get some tips together with the recipe. It is best drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. The water should be warm and the amount of lemon juice you squeeze into the water solely depends on your preferences. You could also drink this mixture before every meal to boost your metabolism even more.

  • Lemon water & Cucumber

Cucumbers are by default used in salads and as decorating details in alcoholic drinks. Their other important and healthy feature is the hydrating benefits they provide. Combined with lemon juice, cucumbers can produce the ultimate detox drink with great health benefits. All you need is some lemon water and a slice or two of cucumber.
You can leave it in the fridge or on the kitchen counter, and drink it after hours or even a day. Making it in larger quantities can make it more practical and you’ll stay consistent in consuming it.

  • Lemon Water & Herbs

Adding pleasant herbal plants in the water can enhance its taste and give an amazing natural pleasant smell. This will make the detox process more enjoyable and tasteful. Mint is one of the alternatives you could try. Whether they are fresh or dried, mint leaves enrich the liquids with their unique taste. Adding just a few leaves in the lemon water will significantly improve the drink quality and will speed up the detox process.


  • Boosts metabolism
  • A popular source of Vitamin C
  • Great taste
  • Easily accessible


  • Can’t rely solely on the lemon juice

#5. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has been known to provoke bladder activation and it’s recommended for many conditions that require frequent urination. We know THC consumption is not a condition, but anyway, Cranberry juice can help with the process of toxin elimination. Cranberries are highly nutritious and can help with many health-related issues. Cranberry juice is easily accessible in supermarkets which makes it a convenient solution when choosing a detox drink. The sugar-free alternative is the best choice when buying this juice.
After getting the plain cranberry juice, you can experiment with some other ingredients. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add oranges or honey to the drink. Try not to use artificial sweeteners as they will slow down the detox process. It is best to consume cranberry juice with plenty of water for the best results.
The drink tastes exotic and you can manipulate its flavor by adding lemons and other fruits. It is a low-calorie drink and you can take how much you feel necessary. It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach, or before every meal. This way of consuming will clean your body from toxins in no time.


  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Highly nutritious
  • Affordable and easily accessible
  • Rich natural taste


  • Additional measures should be taken for you to pass a drug test

#6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been present in people’s lifestyles for centuries. Its many benefits have shown results in preparing specific dishes, enriching personal diets and characterizing particular national cuisines. There are hundreds of recipes containing apple cider vinegar as one of the main ingredients.
Cooking aside, ACV can improve overall health and speed up the detox process. It promotes weight loss and flushing out toxins from the body. However, there is a specific manner in which it is recommended to be consumed. The dose should not exceed 2 or 3 tablespoons per day.
Experts advise that drinking only ACV will not significantly improve your health and speed up the detox process. What you should do instead is, combine this drink with a light diet and plenty of water during the day. Eating foods rich in protein mixed with mostly green vegetables will provide you with the benefits of both ACV and a well-balanced diet.

  • ACV & Honey

The ACV drink is easy and simple to prepare and won’t cost you more than a few dollars. All you need is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and some water. Measure 1 or 2 tablespoons and put them in a glass. Fill the rest of the glass with water and stir it together. You can add honey or cinnamon to make it more tasty and enjoyable. If you think of any other ingredient that matches the flavors, don’t hesitate to experiment and maybe discover the new super drink!


  • Easily accessible
  • Inexpensive
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves immune system


  • Exceeding daily dosage can irritate your stomach

What To Do If You Don’t Have Time To Detox?

When you’re given enough time to try THC detox methods, you shouldn’t have any concerns about passing the test. However, those who require the test don’t always give you the time needed to clean your organism of toxins. For a scenario like that, we have some solutions to offer you.

  • Drug test at home

When you’re unsure whether you’ll test positive or negative for THC, you may solve the problem by doing a drug test at home. This way, if it’s positive, you’ll have ample time to look for answers and put some of the suggestions in this article into action.

  • Marijuana Drug Test Kit

This cannabis testing tool detects the presence of THC or cannabis in your system utilizing toxins found in your urine. It provides 99 percent accurate results in as little as 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’ve been using THC or CBD products, this kit will help you determine whether there are traces of THC or other contaminants in your urine. It is simple to use, and all instructions are included.
This product is available online and it comes at a low price. The home testing process will save you time spent in the hospital and you can run the test in the privacy of your own house.
After you open it, you should use it as soon as possible for the most accurate results. Soak the panel into the urine sample and leave it there for 15 seconds. Read the result after 5 minutes. If a colored line appears the result is positive. Two lines indicate a negative result. If there are no visible lines it means that the test is invalid and you should repeat it with a new kit.

Types of Drug Tests:

We’ll go over four of the most common types of drug tests. Because of their more frequent implementation, the general public is more familiar with some of them. Each of these tests is used in different situations and under different circumstances. Not all test types reveal THC traces after a specific time of your last consumption. This is why it is important to read this article and educate yourself on the type of test that will be given to you.

  1. Urine drug test
  2. Blood drug test
  3. Hair follicle drug test
  4. Saliva drug test
  • Urine test

Urine tests are among the most commonly used in the workplace, and in hospitals. When doctors have concerns about a patient’s behavior, they will perform a urine drug test to determine the cause of misbehavior. This type of test is so popular because of its accuracy and the fact that it is simple and painless.
Urine drug tests can show traces of THC up to 40 days after the last consumption. However, this number is not accurate for all marijuana users. Other crucial factors that impact the test results are the frequency and quantity you consume. How much you’ve managed to detoxify before the test, can also greatly influence the result.

  • Casual users

Casual users have slimmer chances of failing the test, of course, taking into consideration the time when they last smoked marijuana. If your casual smoking has happened to be 4 or 5 days before the test, with adequate detox, your chances of passing the test are pretty high. In casual users, THC is hardly ever detected after 4 days.

  • Moderate users

With moderate marijuana users, we see a quite different scenario. Under moderate, we understand that a user is smoking moderately meaning a few times in a week. Here, we have a constant THC presence in the organism, which requires more time to get out of the system. Moderate smokers can test positive from 7 up to 21 days after last consumption.

  • Heavy users

How do you know whether you’re a moderate, or heavy user? Heavy marijuana smokers, as opposed to moderate users, smoke every day, and sometimes more than once per day. The amount they smoke in a week also differs significantly from that of moderate users. THC in heavy users’ urine can remain detectable for up to 40 days.

  • Blood test

The most precise and accurate types of analysis are blood drug tests. They can, however, only show traces of THC no later than a few days of last consumption. A blood test is the most reliable type of test, and it never produces false results. It is rarely used because it can only detect drugs for 2 or 3 days after consumption. There have been noted rare cases where a blood test picks up on THC after 20 days or so.
The results, like urine tests, can be influenced by a variety of factors. The first consideration is the type of user being tested. The quantity smoked and when the person last smoked also play a significant role. And finally, the level of detox achieved before taking the test.

  • Hair follicle test

Hair tests are not the most popular on the list, but they are surely in time, increasing in popularity and implementation. Companies and other workplaces have been used to running urine tests for so long. However, this is beginning to change.
Urine tests were preferred over any other type, because of their simplicity and quick access to results. On the other hand, hair tests take more time to be processed and analyzed which can slow down the companies’ hiring process.
The time frame for THC detection in hair tests is significantly longer than in urine. THC can be detected in hair tests even three months after the last time it was consumed. Companies may prefer urine tests over hair tests during the hiring process, but hair tests in already employed workers are unquestionably more effective.

  • Saliva test

Saliva drug tests are presumably the most simple type of drug testing. They are quick, inexpensive, and painless, and can be used in any environment. One disadvantage of saliva tests is that they only detect THC if the user has consumed it within the last few days. Given this, a saliva test is usually performed if the person being tested is suspected of recent drug use.

How To Cheat The Drug Test With Fake Pee?

Real pee is not the same as synthetic urine. Instead, a synthetic composite mimics the look and chemical composition of urine. As a clean urine sample, it passes laboratory examinations. Synthetic urine is offered in the form of a powder that must be mixed with water before usage. To maintain the urine at a testing temperature, heating pads are frequently included in the purchase.
We’ll recommend the top 5 synthetic urine brands that will give you the desired outcome.

  • Test clear

Test Clear is the product to test if you’re seeking for a reliable brand that guarantees results. In its history of usage, it has never failed to have a bad consequence. Because it is dehydrated pee, it cannot be identified as a fake or a synthetic.

  • Sub Solution

ClearChoice’s Sub solution was released in 2003. If you’re searching for a synthetic pee producer, this is a solid option. The formula has been confirmed to be effective, and the product is far less expensive than competing products.

  • Clear Choice Incognito Belt

While the other ways are all good, none of them give you a way to sneak urine into a drug test. After heating the bladder bag and fastening the belt to yourself, you’ll have a tube that you may wrap around your waist under your clothes.

  • Clear Choice Quick Luck

The pricing reflects the product’s ease of use and effectiveness. As long as you utilize the product appropriately, it will work wonderfully. The ClearChoice Quick Look Liquid Synthetic Urine is one of the best and most effective products on the market.

  • Urinator

This THC Detox kit, unlike others, makes considerable use of technology to give you the most convenient experience imaginable. The temperature heating instructions and directions on how to use it are all included with the box or are available on the internet.

FAQs Regarding Weed Detox Pills, Drinks & Kits:

Q1. How long does THC stay in my system?

Weed, often known as marijuana or cannabis, can be detected in human fluids for 1 to 30 days after the last usage. It may be detected in hair for several months, as with other medicines.
Weed detection windows are determined by how much and how frequently you smoke or consume marijuana. Longer detection durations are often connected with greater dosages and more regular usage.
Cannabis may be detected in everyday users for several months after the previous use. The longest detection times reported are more than 90 days.
The THC detection also depends on the type of test. Some tests give positive results up to days after last consumption, while others can be positive even after 3 months.

Q2. How do drug tests work?

A drug test detects the presence of cannabinoids, especially THC, in a person’s bloodstream. A urine test is the most prevalent sort of marijuana drug test. Doctors frequently utilize urine tests because they are simple to administer and, unlike other tests, can detect the presence of cannabis and metabolites up to three months after usage.
In some circumstances, a saliva or hair sample may be used. The findings may indicate the presence of a single drug or a combination of medications. Additional testing may be required to identify the precise quantity of certain medicine in the body and to validate the results.

Q3. How reliable are home remedies for THC detox?

Home remedies like lemon water or cranberry juice can be very beneficial and effective in promoting body THC detox naturally. They are proven to boost the metabolism and help expel toxins and other pollutants from the body. However, you can’t only rely on a glass of lemon juice and believe that it’ll be enough to pass the drug test. Additional routine changes must be made to achieve a total body cleanse.
It is hard to predict how long marijuana will last in a person’s system or whether they would suffer withdrawal symptoms after stopping use. The severity of withdrawal symptoms and the success of detox are determined by the individual as well as other factors. You should always combine the benefits of the home remedies with other detox products that are proven to be effective.

Q4. Is it safe to buy synthetic pee?

Synthetic urine is a real thing that can be purchased online. Passing a drug test using fake pee appears to be a growing habit. If you use cannabis often, you don’t want to rely on your urine to pass a drug test. Drug testing, on the other hand, might be a concern for casual smokers as well.
Fake urine can be effective in certain situations, but it has also failed in others. Even the most reliable synthetic urine products pose a significant danger. Most states allow the selling of synthetic urine. The legality of fake urine, like the legality of marijuana, varies by state.

Q5. What is the most reliable way to detox before a test?

The answers to this question vary by the type of tests you’re preparing for.
For urine and blood drug tests it is best to start your detox process with detox pills or detox drinks combined with other home remedies. This powerful combination of effective products together with over-the-counter ingredients can help you achieve the desired negative result. A healthy diet also plays a crucial role in the body’s detox. Eat as lighter meals as possible and let the veggies dominate your plate.
Hair follicle tests, however, require different detox methods to be applied. Hair shampoos are the best option since they are produced with the purpose of deep cleansing of the scalp and assuring you to pass the drug test. These shampoos have clear instructions so you’ll have no trouble using them.
Concerning saliva tests, you can read about the mouthwash products the market is offering as your solution. This is the easiest way to detox from THC and this type of test can be easily passed. The mouthwash is highly effective and an easy solution to pass the saliva test. After washing your mouth with this product, you should avoid foods or beverages since it may negatively affect the test.

Q6. How does THC affect my body?

  • Negative effects

When you smoke marijuana, the THC in your bloodstream may reach your brain rapidly enough to produce a high in seconds or minutes. THC levels typically peak around half an hour later, with effects lasting between 1 and 3 hours. It may take many hours to become completely sober if you smoke marijuana.
THC has the potential to affect your perception and judgment. The effects may differ depending on the strength of your marijuana, how you smoked it, and how much marijuana you’ve already taken. Not everyone’s marijuana experience is positive. It frequently causes anxiety, fear, or panic.
Marijuana smoke can irritate and inflame your lungs. If you use it daily, you may experience the same respiratory issues as someone who smokes cigarettes. This might indicate a persistent cough with colored mucus. Infections may be more easily transmitted to your lungs. This is due in part to the fact that THC appears to damage the immune systems of some users.

  • Positive effects

Medical marijuana is permitted in some form in the majority of states, and moderate consumption can be beneficial. It might assist you with your pain and other symptoms. It can also aid in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety problems.
Marijuana contains mind-altering chemicals that affect both the brain and the body. THC, the primary psychoactive element, activates the area of your brain that reacts to pleasure, such as food and sex. This causes a neurotransmitter called dopamine to be released, giving you a pleasant, relaxed sensation.
There is evidence that marijuana helps people who have a weak appetite and improves their eating habits. Many people who use marijuana regularly say it makes them hungry. According to certain studies, it may help patients suffering from cancer or other illnesses gain their weight back.

Concluding – THC Detox Methods To Pass A Weed Test Flawlessly

With the science being so advanced nowadays, you can easily find THC Detox solutions. Unexpected drug tests are not an exception. A number of alternatives can be found online and we’ve managed to narrow them down to a small list of most effective detox procedures. Before deciding on a detox method, you must first determine which category of marijuana users you fall into. The type of drug test you’ll be subjected to is the second most important consideration. After you’ve completed these two phases, the final step is to select the best alternative and begin preparing for the test.
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