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If your sleep often gets disrupted by the constant call of nature during the night, don’t worry, as you aren’t alone.
More than 13 million US citizens suffer from annoying urinary incontinence. Many of them feel embarrassed and isolate themselves. Standard treatment for dealing with urinary incontinence includes medication or, in some cases – surgery.
There are also many natural antidotes to get rid of your urinary incontinence if you are allergic to antibiotics or aren’t a fan of medications. Taking bladder-care pills regularly can affect your overall health, reduce your bathroom visits and make you in charge of your urine pressure.
Our team tested and classified the best UTI and bladder control supplements you can find today. After searching high and low, this is what we wholeheartedly recommend as The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills:

The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills

Each bladder control formula claims to be super beneficial only to attract consumers to open up their wallets and buy the product. Be it as it may, they are all different, and while some of them are powerful and are worth every penny, others will make your expectations flop in a second.
After comparing different products, we are pleased to offer you the list of The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills on the market:

  • Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense +
  • Confitrol24
  • Oweli UT-D
  • VitaPost Urinary Tract Support
  • Bladder Relief 911
  • Vitalflow
  • Flotrol
  • Uritrac
  • BetterWOMAN Bladder Control
  • Ellura Urinary Tract Health
  • TheraBotanics Better Bladder
  • LifeSeasons Urinari-X
  • Eu Natural Harmony
  • UriVarx
  • PRVNT UTI Support
  • UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution
  • NOW D-Mannose Powder
  • AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less
  • PlantVital D-Mannose
  • MOR Logic
  • Pelvic Floor Strong
  • Cora Period + Bladder Products
  • Innovo

Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense +


D-Mannose Natural Defense + is a top-quality product that offers natural support for UTIs and healthy liver function. The active component of the product is D-mannose, glucose-like sugar. Other ingredients that make this formula so powerful include dandelion root extract, hibiscus flower extract, and cranberry juice powder.
You need to take two Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense + capsules daily for optimal results. If you follow your doctor’s advice about taking these pills, you will immediately notice the first results. Always take D-Mannose Natural Defense + with a meal for at least three months to see optimum results. A trusted third-party facility tests Nuzena supplements for efficiency, safety, and quality.



Confitrol24, as an excellent nutritional supplement, is a solution for those who wish to get rid of embarrassing leaks and improve incontinence. This formula contains effective ingredients such as lindera, cratevox, and horsetail. It will help you take control of your bladder by improving and toning the bladder wall, sphincter muscles, and pelvic floor. There is substantial medical evidence supporting the active ingredients in this formula, so you can be confident that you will stop your annoying incontinence.
You won’t find the combination of these three ingredients in any other product on our list, making it stand out from the crowd. Confitrol24 is a multi-action supplement that offers anti-aging benefits and increases collagen production while tackling the pesky issues of incontinence, as well. For the best results, you need to take two capsules of Confitrol24 every day.

Oweli UT-D


Oweli is a supplement company that enjoys quite a track record among consumers. The company’s UT-D formula is specially designed to provide an ideal urinary tract function. If you choose to useOweli’s UT-D regularly, you’ll see an improvement in your pH balance, a predisposition for a healthy urinary tract.
Moreover, Oweli’s UT-D helps your body defend against UTIs all naturally. This formula will also be a handy helper in cleansing your urinary tract, restoring genital microbiome balance, and improving your immune response, among other advantages.
UT-D boasts a powerful combination of several ingredients to deliver all of the benefits, including dandelion herb extract, hibiscus flower extract, cranberry juice powder, and D-mannose. As you may notice, the UT-D formula is pretty similar to the best-ranked UTI supplement, Nuzena’s D-Mannose Natural Defense +. Unlike the top-rated formula, UT-D comes with a competitive price of only $20.

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support


Urinary Tract Support by VitaPost promises to support the urinary tract, kidney function, and immune system health. It contains scientifically proven elements that are powerful enough to help you forget your bladder issues. Using Urinary Tract Support daily allows you to enjoy many benefits, such as maintaining urinary tract function and supporting a healthy bacterial balance.
All the ingredients in VitaPost are medically proven to fight pathogens and clear toxins that can cause bladder infections. Thanks to VitaPost, you can strengthen your sphincter muscles, reduce the urge for urination and prevent embarrassing leaks. Moreover, this supplement can stabilize your hormone and PH levels and increase the feminine immune system. As a result, women who take this formula will have lower chances of developing UTIs.
VitaPost supplement contains a unique combination of cranberry extract, also known as Pacran, that provides relief from annoying bladder infections. This active ingredient will work toward helping you get rid of the typical UTIs symptoms such as lack of bladder control and itching. Complimentary, the mighty Urinary Tract Support components include prebiotics and probiotics to support vaginal health.

Bladder Relief 911


Enriched by hibiscus, cranberry, dandelion root, and D-mannose ingredients, nothing can stop the powerful Bladder Relief 911 from rejuvenating your bladder and supporting your overall health and natural body defenses.
PhytAge Labs claim that the Bladder Relief 911 formula is a powerful weapon that people struggling with bladder problems must try. Thanks to the Bladder Relief 911, you can sleep like a baby during the night, start your day rejuvenated and refreshed and enjoy your days and nights without worrying about a sudden embarrassing accident. What’s even more appealing is that you will get free bonus guides that explain various practical tips for controlling your bladder with every purchase.



You may have already come across many advertisements about VitalFlow, as currently, it is one of the most popular UTI and bladder control supplements available on the internet. Developed by Sam Morgan, the trendy VitalFlow is promoted to prevent prostate issues in men.
Still, women are more prone to face UTIs, so the majority of the UTI and bladder control pills are advertised to the female population. VitalFlow is a unique formulation that helps with life with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), which is one of the most common health issues in men.
We like that VitalFlow is an all-natural formula that helps your urinary system do its job better. VitalFlow can reduce the discomfort individuals experience during urinating and increase their sex drive. Our team found that this supplement boasts even 34 unique ingredients in its formula, so you can rest assured you’ll feel all the benefits you’ve been searching for in bladder control supplements.
The company claims that they carefully choose every critical ingredient of this supplement to ensure that VitalFlow offers its full potential. Among the most attention-attracting components are various vitamins and herbs, like selenium, a mushroom mixture, and cats’ claw.



Flotrol from BuyHealth is a great bladder support supplement designed to improve bladder control and boost bladder health thanks to its healthy and super-mighty ingredients.
This highly efficient formula can help you deal with sleepless nights, urinary incontinence, leakage, and other similar embarrassing accidents developed from extensive research conveyed in Japan.
Flotrol manufacturers believe that hormones in the body are the culprits behind bladder control problems. To be more precise, they claim that imbalanced testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women lead to developing bladder problems. So, Flotrol uses a unique combination of natural ingredients, including soy extract and pumpkin seed, to fight these tedious issues.

Approve Science Uritrac


Uritrac contains ingredients that are backed by science as good for bladder health. Some of the critical constituents of Uritrac from Approve Science include cranberry, D-mannose, and lingonberry blended in proven dosages to boost your immunity. Bottles contain 60 capsules, which means that if you take the advised dosages of 2 capsules per day, one bottle should have you set for one month.
We like the part where all the ingredients are listed on the label, but we appreciate that the Uritrac formula doesn’t contain any harmful or chemical additives. Uritrac comes with a competitive price, which is also essential for customers who need to take the supplement for a more extended period.



The BetterWOMAN supplement from Interceuticals is carefully designed to help you reduce your bathroom trips, reduce leakage and urgency, provide you better sleep during the night, and other similar conditions related to bladder issues.
This excellent natural treatment for women with bladder problems has been scientifically proven for its effectiveness. So far, BetterWOMAN has helped many women reduce embarrassing leaks and ease their occasional bladder pain. With eleuthero and astragalus root, ginseng, Chinese peony, and Chinese yam in its formula, BetterWOMAN promotes hormonal balance and better blood flow while keeping neuromuscular activities in check.

Flordis Ellura


Ellura, from the prominent Flordis, is a revolutionary UTI supplement that has over 3,000 positive reviews by its customers on Amazon only. With an excellent rating of whooping 4.6 out of 5 stars, Ellura is recognized as one of the best bladder control and UTI supplements today.
The top-rated Ellura holds a unique formula, and it is equally effective in both adults and children with cystitis. Each pill contains 36mg of bioactive proanthocyanidins, and you can use it in the long term without any side effects. Still, if you suffer from renal disease or kidney stones, Flordis recommends you consult your doctor or pharmacist before you start taking Ellura.

TheraBotanics Better Bladder


Better Bladder from TheraBotanics is a superior supplement developed for those with bladder control problems as it can help them reduce their urinary leaks, urgency, and frequent urination. With a revolutionary formula that contains Crateva nurvala, horsetail extract, and lindera root. These three potent ingredients are also part of other UTI and bladder control formulas listed here, but only Better Bladder provides them at an affordable price.
TheraBotanics claim that Better Bladder is perfect for both men and women as it will help them get a relaxed night’s sleep and reduce frequent urination during the day, among other benefits.

LifeSeasons Urinari-X


Urinari-X, a product of LifeSeasons, is another user-friendly bladder control formula. With ingredients such as uva ursi, D-mannose, olive oil, grapefruit, oregano seed extract, and cranberry, this supplement is designed to help you deal with yeast and urinary tract infections and other similar problems.
Each package of Urinari-X contains 15 capsules, and if you take them as recommended, you will notice the first results within a few days.
According to the manufacturer, Urinari-X can naturally help your body deal with vaginal and urinary tract issues. Urinari-X confidently states that its formula can fight all UTI symptoms, including a malodorous vagina, constant toilet breaks, and annoying itching.

Eu Natural Harmony


The Harmony supplement from Eu Natural is famous for its potent dose of top-quality D-mannose and pure hibiscus flower extract. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a rich UTI formula that contains minimal but super effective ingredients, then Harmony might be the best option for you.
This bladder support formula works by balancing the sex hormones and pH levels. Consequently, Harmony supports your gut system and genitals to produce healthy bacteria to fight infections. Regular consumption of the Harmony formula can strengthen your immune system, improve your night’s sleep, fortify your pelvic muscles and reduce the frequency of urination.
Our team was impressed by the Harmony supplement because it is one of the top-value variants without compromising the superiority of each dose. Eu Natural produces Harmony bladder control supplements in an FDA-registered laboratory. Each set is verified by third-party testing to ensure users consume an effective and safe UTI formula.



UriVarx is a powerful bladder support supplement that is clinically proven to offer long-term defense against suborn yeast and boring bladder infections. It has a robust structure with three-leaf caper, horsetail extracts, and lindera extract as crucial ingredients. This supplement can improve your bladder function and maintain control over bathroom visits, among other benefits.
Available for only $36 for a bottle, the UriVarx formula uses a mixture of natural herbs to strengthen your bladder walls. But, instead of offering a short-term result, UriVarx’s goal is to provide long-term relief for your bladder issues.
So, if you are searching for a permanent solution to improve your urinary tract function, UriVarx can be the ideal choice for you. UriVarx comes with a money-back guarantee, just like the other products on our list.



PRVNT formula from UTI Support is advertised as a blend of the best herbs and minerals combined with multivitamins that can significantly improve bladder function. Each capsule contains probiotics, D-mannose, cranberry extract, vitamins, and minerals in potent doses to protect your bladder system from yeast infections.
This supplement is perfect for women and men looking for a solid formula to improve their sleep quality, fight embarrassing leakages, prevent frequent toilet visits and reduce bladder issues. You may use PRVNT as prevention or for an ongoing yeast infection.
Each bottle of PRVNT contains 60 capsules, and if you purchase a pack, you can rest assured It will be delivered to you most discretely, right at your doorstep.

UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution


UT-Fem can help you restore your urinary comfort, as it uses scientifically proven active ingredients to support your urine and bladder system. You can’t expect miracles, as it is critical to rush while dealing with stubborn urinary problems. However, thanks to the powerful, natural components like hibiscus, cranberry, and D-mannose found in the trendy UT-Fem formula from Solution; you can enjoy its benefits related to your urinary system’s health.
The best part is that you can take UT-Fem capsules as often as you feel necessary to flush impurities from the urine system and restore your comfort. Yes, you can use this formula whenever you need it. Many people experience pain after certain activities like sitting for an extended period, during or after intercourse, and after a workout. Flush your bladder regularly, and UT-Fem will help you do it effectively.

NOW D-Mannose


D-Mannose is NOW’s super-efficient UTI and bladder care formula, a top-rated and highly renowned supplement company. As its name reveals, the key ingredient of this supplement is D-Mannose. It is a natural ingredient found in almost all UTI and bladder care formulas on our list.
Due to this NOW’s formula, those with bladder issues can get a solid amount of certified, 100% organic D-mannose powder to cleanse their bladder and enjoy the other benefits of the D-Mannose supplement.
It is good to know that 1 tbsp of D-Mannose Powder carries 2,000mg of 100% organic D-mannose. Look no further than NOW’s D-mannose if you are looking for maximum cleansing power.

AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less


According to the people who have tried it, AZO is a safe bladder control supplement. It is among the most popular names for dealing with UTI and bladder control problems. The manufacturer has launched the AZO formula to help millions of people looking for a solution for their frequent need to urinate.
If you take your prescribed dosage of AZO regularly, you will notice reduced leakage while exercising, sneezing, and laughing – all of the most common circumstances for involuntary leaks.
With 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and over 13,000 reviews, AZO has turned into one of the most consumed UTI and bladder control supplements on our list. Thanks to its power to support your muscle strength, AZO can ensure you get significant results in your fight against bladder issues.

PlantVital D-Mannose


D-Mannose, from PlantVital, is a unique and efficient blend that helps women treat their stubborn urinary system infections, maintain their kidneys clean, and keep a healthy pH balance. This well-known natural, GMO-free, vegan formula offers long-lasting, active urine support.
Containing dandelion, hibiscus, and cranberry in its formula, D-mannose successfully fights yeast and bladder control issues, so you don’t have to use any antibiotics tablets for this problem.
The efficiency of D-Mannose from PlantVital is backed by over 1,400 reviews and a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. PlantVital produces this potent formula in Canada, and our team finds the size and the form of the D-Mannose capsule exceptionally consumer-friendly as they are easy to intake.

MOR Logic


MOR Logic is a robust bladder control dietary supplement. This supplement can be used by ladies with urinary system issues, such as urgent seriousness, leaks, bedwetting, constipation, and other similar concerns. Thanks to its uniqueness and natural key components, MOR Logic eliminates the toxins and chemicals in your body that can be the root of your health problems.
By taking one pill of MOR Logic every day, you can get the night’s rest you deserve because you won’t need to get up to visit your bathroom every hour. MOR Logic is manufactured in the United States. Knowing that it is produced in an FDA-approved lab, you can be sure that all the components in MOR Logic, including myristic acid, silymarin, and the mysterious ingredient named Brazilian extract, are safe. The formula is potent enough to be your ally in getting rid of UTI issues.

Pelvic Floor Strong


Pelvic Floor Strong is mainly designed for ladies over 30. It is a complete fitness program for handling pelvic floor dysfunction. The formula developer, Alex Miller, says that Pelvic Floor Strong has the potential to help improve the function of your pelvic muscles to reduce leaks and embarrassing mistakes.
The mighty Pelvic Floor Strong can relieve your issues and discomfort within a few weeks. So far, hundreds and even thousands of clients have benefited from Pelvic Floor Strong and Alex’s advice for getting the maximum results from their training. Moreover, this product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, an appreciated bonus for any first-time user.

Cora Period + Bladder Products


Cora is a favored online merchant of hygiene products for women. The company’s goal is to provide ladies with trustworthy and safe items. You can purchase Cora Period and bladder products as a set or separately. You can buy organic tampons, overnight pads, period underwear, organic top sheet pads, and other items that will offer you protection during your heavy days and your deepest laughs.
Interestingly, Cora results from a woman’s passion for improving women’s rights and socio-economic empowerment worldwide. The developer of Cora was a witness to how the period negatively affected women and girls who were economically challenged, and she did everything she could to create a new, better future. Everyone is in such a predicament – hence, the utterly affordable price.



Unlike the traditional UTI supplements, Innovo is a device that has gained the trust of medical professionals. This FDA-cleared device comes in a set with shorts that will help you perform Kegels – ensure you wear the shorts every day, as they will do the Kegels for you.
The popular Kegel exercises can fortify the pelvic floor. Manufacturers of Innovo claim that this product can eliminate your embarrassing leaks within three months.
The revolutionary Innovo uses a new technology known as “Multipath” to engage your pelvic floor automatically. To get the benefits from Innovo, you should wear the Innovo shorts for half an hour per day. You may start with wearing these shorts at home, and then you can gradually increase the time you use these shorts, even outside the comfort of your home.

How We Ranked The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills

There are tons of UTI and bladder control supplements on the market, but unfortunately, many don’t work as marketed. Our team did deep research to determine which advertised bladder control formulas are genuinely effective. We used various ranking factors to isolate the best from the rest, and here is what we considered:

Ingredients Supported by Science

Most bladder health supplements contain science-backed ingredients to support bladder control and bladder health. Other supplements have vital components that can help clean your body from bacteria related to urinary system issues. Some active ingredients support your immunity and help you deal with your specific urinary tract infections. We appreciate science-backed ingredients in the UTI and bladder control formulas, and we rank those supplements in a higher position on our list.

Appropriate Dose

You can find several UTI and bladder control formulas that contain highly efficient ingredients but, unfortunately, at the wrong dosages. We always go with supplements with clinically proven dosages of their active ingredients.


If a UTI or bladder health supplement doesn’t help you with your issue, you can request a refund. We first check a money-back guarantee when we evaluate the supplements. We prefer supplements with a 60 to 90 days policy period or longer, as a refund policy length means that the supplement manufacturer guarantees the products they offer work as marketed.

Taste, Simplicity, and Consistency

Some UTI and bladder control supplements are hard to take. Some come in large capsules, which some people can’t swallow easily. We prefer supplements that fight UTIs and bladder issues that are compact and easy to implement in your daily routine.

Developed by Medical Professionals

Many doctors design powerful UTI and bladder health supplements. Our team always goes for doctor-formulated supplements over anything on the contrary. If a doctor has approved or formulated a bladder control supplement, it automatically gives that supplement an additional layer of legitimacy. So, we prefer supplement brands that have a medical doctor, medical advisory board, or certified dietician on their team.

Worth & Cost

Spending a fortune on bladder control supplements can become a thing of the past, like today, you can find a lot of UTI and bladder health issues supplements that are competitively priced. The best part is that when you’re buying a low-budget formula, you don’t have to compromise on supplement quality. We always choose UTI and bladder control formulas that have a good value no matter their price.

Marketing of Benefits

FDA regulations can’t guarantee that UTI and bladder control supplements will cure, prevent, or treat a disease, but many manufacturers suggest their formulas can achieve their advertised benefits. We were extremely cautious when we valued the UTI and bladder control supplements to discover the dishonestly marketed benefits.

Track Record & Straightforwardness

Many brands have produced highly efficient UTI and bladder control supplements for more than 20 years. However, you can also find some new companies just starting to make a name for themselves. Our team checked both new and proven companies to isolate the best quality products before making our ranking list.

How Can UTI and Bladder Control Supplements Help, and Do They Work?

UTI and bladder control supplements use various ingredients and dosages to target the different advertised benefits. Most formulas offer at least 1 of the below-listed benefits:

  • Eliminate the irritating dribble and reduce embarrassing leaks
  • Fights and stops uncomfortable urges
  • Fortify your bladder
  • Reduce frequent bathroom visits
  • Better sleep during the night without annoying interruptions
  • Clean the bladder and urinary tract and support your urinary tract function
  • A good number of supplements can help your prostate or vaginal health

10 of the Top Natural Remedies for Bladder Control Concerns

Combining techniques and bladder control supplements can help you deal with your troubles. The top natural variants for bladder control concerns include:

Exercise the Pelvic Floor Daily

Regular pelvic floor exercises have the power to reduce leaks if you perform them correctly. Some studies discovered that performing pelvic floor exercises within three months can help you get noticeable benefits.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can diminish bladder control as coughing can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. Those predisposed to suffer from bladder control problems should know that smoking can worsen their conditions.

Exercise Regularly the Right Way

Except for pelvic floor exercises, people with bladder control issues should do other activities regularly, the right way. Sit-ups and high-impact activities put extra pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, increasing leaks. So, you should replace your high-impact workouts with aerobics and jogging.

Don’t Do Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting can weaken your pelvic floor muscles and increase the risks of a leak. That’s why you should always avoid heavy lifting. The other option is to tighten up your pelvic floor muscles during or even before a lift to protect yourself.

Lose Excess Weight

The UK’s National Health Service claims that being overheavy leads to weaker pelvic floor muscles and more severe incontinence problems. Fatty muscles add extra pressure to the bladder and reduce your bladder control. That means that losing weight can significantly improve your condition.

Practice a Fiber-Rich Diet

If you face constipation, you should include more fibers in your daily menu, which may be why. Constipation may reduce your bladder control by pushing you to strain while pooping.

Go Easy on Caffeine

If you are a fan of coffee, you should know that caffeine can irritate your bladder. Since coffee is not suitable for your bladder control, it may worsen your incontinence problem. Some people noticed that after reducing the consumption of hot chocolate, tea, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks, they had better control over their bladder.

Avoid Alcohol

We all know that alcohol is a potent diuretic, pushing you to visit your bathroom more frequently. However, reducing the consumption of alcohol can help you, as well.

Start Drinking More Water

Consuming more water might be good and bad for solving bladder control problems. On the one hand, it will lead to more frequent bathroom visits, so many people who face bladder control problems avoid drinking water. On the other hand, not consuming enough water may increase the chances of constipation and can worsen your bladder control problems.

Stay Away from ‘Risky’ Foods

Acidic and spicy foods may worsen your bladder control issues. This type of food can irritate your bladder and cause leaks and similar problems. That’s why doctors often recommend avoiding this type of food when dealing with bladder control problems.

The Science Behind UTI and Bladder Control Supplements

Although each UTI and bladder control supplement company claims that their supplements can help you with your pesky UTIs and bladder control problems, some don’t have science-backed ingredients in their formula to prove that they truly help.
Here are some of the scientific-proven ingredients that support the best UTI and bladder control supplements.
Cranberry is among the most popular natural UTI remedies. It contains active ingredients that can help you with UTIs, such as PACs (proanthocyanidins). Still, you should drink an enormous amount of cranberry juice to get enough concentration of potent PACs. This is why many people consume cranberry or even PAC supplements.
A 2016 study showed that cranberry juice was strong enough to help women deal with their UTIs, even though it wasn’t as effective in another group of women because of its physiological differences. There have been many studies on the effect of cranberry on UTIs that gave different conclusions because cranberry juice may help tons of people with UTIs. Still, since we are all different, cranberry juice can be less effective for others.
Cranberry carries a specific type of PACs known as A-type proanthocyanidins, which prevent bacteria from spreading to your bladder wall. Regular consumption of cranberry juice might help prevent E. coli bacteria from developing, which is usually a result of UTI and bladder infection, and can speed up your body’s natural healing processes.
In a study conducted in 2013, researchers went over a few trials on cranberry juice and UTIs. Researchers who took part in the study revealed that cranberries could reduce the chances of getting a UTI by 26%, suggesting that natural cranberry juice may offer outstanding prevention against UTI recurrence. However, scientists cautioned that they need additional studies to verify these results.
D-mannose is a common ingredient in almost all UTI and bladder control formulas. It is a simple sugar, but it fights bacteria in the urothelium, reduces the risk, and eliminates existing UTI infections.
In a study from 2016, researchers found that D-mannose is an ingredient that can help women with acute urinary system infections. They examined the effects D-mannose caused on a group of volunteers in the study and found that D-mannose was highly effective against UTIs in participants who used it for six months. In another similar study that compares D-mannose and other similar UTI protective elements, researchers found that D-mannose was defensive against recurring UTIs contrasted with a placebo. Researchers also discovered that D-mannose had minimal unwanted side effects.
Another herbal ingredient that is highly beneficial for treating UTIs is the mega-popular Lindera root. It is a critical ingredient in many UTI supplements that are listed here. In this study, the researchers set a goal to examine and discover the effectiveness of Lindera aggregate (Lindera root) extract. This herbal ingredient is common in traditional Chinese medicine. The results from the study showed lindera aggregata extract could help treat UTI problems in women, even though there aren’t any large-scale studies that support these findings.
Horsetail extract can also help you deal with UTIs. Kaiser Permanente claims that horsetail extract successfully treats annoying urinary tract issues. The herbal ingredient can reduce UTI symptoms by increasing your urinary volume and can help you flush bacteria out of your urinary tract.
Even though it isn’t as popular as cranberry, Lingonberry is a common ingredient in some great UTI remedies. In this study, researchers discovered that supplements that contain a mixture of cranberry and lingonberry could lower the chances of getting a UTI by up to 20%.
Some of the supplements listed above contain the potent ingredient called Cratevox. This component is powerful enough to fight UI (urinary incontinence) and reduce LUTS (urinary tract symptoms) and OAB (overactive bladder) symptoms.
Researchers asked 150 participants to take a formula containing Crataeva nurvala stem bark extract in this study. They noticed a significant reduction in the participants’ incontinence symptoms.

Common UTI and Bladder Control Supplements Side Effects

Many studies show that the best UTI and bladder control supplements are beneficial when you take them in standard dosages. FDA regulations confirm that UTI and bladder control formulas use safe ingredients, so you can consume them knowing that they are safe. However, you should be careful to follow the instructions and intake the recommended dosage to get the maximum of your supplement.
Although all bladder control supplements are safe, some recent studies found that D-mannose, one of the most common ingredients in UTI supplements, may increase your chances of getting diarrhea.

FAQs about UTI and Bladder Control Supplements

Our experts receive tons of questions related to UTIs and bladder health issues. To help you find the answers to your question faster, we have put together several answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What amount of urine do we pass daily?

A: Generally, an average adult passes about 6 cups of urine every day, but this amount can be different for you, as it depends on the food and drinks that you consume, as well as your daily activity.

Q: What can cause a UTI?

A: E. coli is the most common reason for a UTI. It is bacteria that can show up in your colon. However, gonorrhea, mycoplasma, and chlamydia can also lead to UTIs.

Q: How do people usually get a UTI?

A: Most people usually develop UTIs after sexual intercourse because it raises the risks of bacteria transmission in the genital area.

Q: Do we all have the same chances of getting UTIs, or are some people more prone to get this infection?

A: We aren’t the same. Some individuals are more prone to developing UTIs. For example, men who have enlarged prostate have higher chances of getting UTIs. Other factors that increase your chances of developing UTI include catheters, sexual intercourse, diabetes, condom use, spinal cord injuries, pregnancy, dehydration, and urinary or kidney stones.

Q: What are some of the most typical symptoms and signs of a UTI?

A: Although many signs and symptoms signal that you have developed a UTI, some of the most common are burning or pain when urinating, blood in the urine, unexpected urge to urinate, and a frequent need to urinate.

Q: How can I prevent myself from developing UTIs?

A: You can’t protect yourself all the way, but some highly experienced doctors recommend consuming cranberry juice as prevention against UTIs. Additionally, you can quit smoking, avoid drinking too much coffee and alcohol and do some exercise to keep your body fit.

Q: How can ladies prevent UTIs?

A: Ladies can prevent UTIs if they always urinate when needed, wiping their urethra front to back to avoid spreading germs from the vagina or anus into the urethra. Women should also avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, using wet wipes or hygiene sprays which can be irritating. Doctors often advise ladies to wear cotton underwear, drink enough water, urinate after intercourse and use tampons during their menstrual periods.

Q: What can cause UTIs in males?

A: There are several reasons why men develop UTIs, and some of them are enlarged prostate and urinary stones, as they both can block the urine flow.

Q: Is it true that drinking enough water can relieve your UTI pain?

A: Yes, consuming more water could relieve the pain related to a UTI. Drinking enough water is crucial for the overall work of your body, too. Dehydration can lead to various serious diseases, so you must be careful.

Q: What does the phrase “urinary tract” mean?

A: The urinary tract is located in the lower part of your abdomen and removes extra fluid and waste from the body. The urinary tract has two parts – the lower part includes the bladder and urethra, and the upper urinary tract includes your kidney and ureters.

Q: Are UTIs considered sexually transmitted infections?

A: Even though you can develop UTIs from sex, they aren’t considered sexually transmitted diseases.

Q: Are women more prone to UTIs when compared to men?

A: Ladies have higher chances of getting UTIs than males. However, this depends on other factors, too. The life you live, the job you do, and the stressful situation you face every day may increase your chances of developing UTIs.

Q: What is the key reason women are more likely to develop a UTI when compared to men?

A: Ladies get a UTI more often as their urethra is shorter and closer to their anus. That means that bacteria can reach their bladder and urethra.

Q: How can I prevent getting UTIs again?

A: Once you develop a UTI, getting the same infection is pretty high. Doctors often recommend using antibiotics to prevent repeated UTIs.

Q: How can I recognize an overactive bladder, and what are the symptoms?

A: Our body sends many signals to tell you that you have an OAB (overactive bladder). Some of those symptoms include the urge to urinate more frequently.

Q: Where are the pelvic floor muscles located, and what is their function?

A: Your body, including your abdomen, contains ligaments and muscles that stretch from the pubic bone to your backbone. Pelvic floor muscles are located here, and they support your bowel, womb, and bladder. These muscles may weaken as you age, leading to incontinence and reduced bladder control.

Q: Can regular pelvic floor exercises improve my bladder control?

A: Of course. Regular pelvic floor exercises can help you deal with your bladder control issues, but only if you do the right exercises. Some experts recommend the popular Kegel exercises as they are suitable for supporting the pelvic floor and can improve your bladder control.

Q: What causes poor bladder control?

A: Men can develop reduced bladder control due to prostate issues, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate. Ladies can develop bladder control problems due to vaginal problems and pregnancy.

Q: How do kegel exercises work?

A: Kegel exercises fortify the pelvic floor. During these simple exercises, you squeeze your muscles together with some aid or your own. You may perform the popular Kegels at home.

Q: What are the typical bladder control problems?

A: The most common bladder control issues include bedwetting, temporary incontinence, stress incontinence, functional incontinence, overflow incontinence, reflex incontinence, and urgency incontinence. Once you recognize these problems, you should contact your doctor and start treating your condition.

Q: Are bladder control problems more common in men than women?

A: OAB equally affects women and men. About 1/3 of women and men older than 65 face bladder control problems. Today’s busy life leads to bladder control problems in young adults.

Q: What are some of the best remedies to help with urinary incontinence problems?

A: You can find various home remedies for dealing with urinary incontinence, but some of the best ones include pelvic floor exercises, weight loss, and protective pads and underwear. You can also do yourself a favor and quit smoking while reducing your alcohol intake and caffeine consumption.

Q: Which are some of the best UTI supplements available today?

A: Some of the best UTI supplements you can buy today are PlantVital D-Mannose, Oweli UT-D, Confitrol24, and D-Mannose Natural Defense + from Nuzena. Don’t forget to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking a UTI supplement, and always select the supplement that is the best match for your UTI problems.

Q: What are some of the most effective bladder control supplements?

A: There are many bladder control supplements available today, but AZO Bladder Control, Pelvic Floor Strong, Bladder Relief 911, and Better Bladder from TheraBotanics are the best. However, you should never forget to stay hydrated and practice healthy habits to get faster results from UTI supplements.

The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills Final Word

As we have already mentioned, 1/3 of the adults older than 65 have bladder control problems. Millions of women and men face bladder infections, general bladder issues, and urinary tract infections.
The good news is that efficient The Top UTI Supplements and Bladder Control Pills may help you deal with this problem. By regularly taking a good UTI and bladder control formulas, you can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and enjoy your day carefreely.
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