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Mosquitoes are a nuisance in several places across the world with tropical climates. No matter how many chemical repellents or coils you use, mosquitoes don’t seem to be affected by them and they continue to fly around biting you and singing in your ears! Here are a few natural remedies that actually help you to get rid of mosquitoes.
The strong spicy odor of garlic helps keep mosquitoes at bay. You need to crush a few cloves of garlic and boil them in water. Let the solution cool and spray it around the house, especially in areas where mosquitoes might hide or get in from. Spray around corners, windows, doors, and balcony gardens and let the smell spread all over the house.
Camphor’s smell is too overwhelming for mosquitoes and works very well in shooing them off. Close all the windows and doors and let a camphor cube burn. The fumes will drive the mosquitoes away. You can also put a camphor tablet in a bowl of water. Replace it every few days, but remember to keep it out of reach of kids and pets.
Citronella is an ingredient used in most mosquito-repellent products. You can use citronella oil in DIY mosquito repellents or burn a few citronella candles. Keep a citronella plant indoors and grow some in mosquito-prone areas. Place them by the window or balcony. They are very effective in repelling these annoying little vampires. You can also use the essential oil on your skin and clothes.
The natural fragrance of Tulsi repels mosquitoes. Keep several Tulsi plants by the windows. This herb will keep mosquitoes away and also help in treating mosquito bites. You can also crush some leaves and boil them in water to create an infusion. Use this water as a repellent spray on your skin or around the house. The leaves are actually poisonous to bugs.
Slice a few lemons into halves and stick some cloves in them. This technique has worked as one of the best tricks to keep flies and mosquitoes away. Keep several of them in each room and watch your home be mosquito-free. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar had also shared this trick on his Instagram account mentioning how his grandmother used it as well.
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