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Chamomile tea has been both praised and mocked everywhere you look on the web. It has been blamed for complications during pregnancies and allergic reactions, other times as a cure for menstrual pain and lowering the risk of diabetes.
Heavy stuff, don’t you think? But what are the actual, scientifically-proven benefits of drinking chamomile tea we know today? A bright and cheerful cup is proven in the most common medical application. Here are five health benefits of drinking chamomile tea.
Period cramps can be so bad that doctors have given a medical name for it – dysmenorrhea. No, cramps are not signs of a serious health condition, but they can seriously put a crimp in your plans – something that can be treated at home with a cup of chamomile tea.
Herbal tea for reducing menstrual pain is a rare find. Besides chamomile, peppermint tea is also recommended for calming the body during periods. The amount of tea you will need to take for this depends on the severity of the cramps along with other factors.
Living with diabetes means your body is not able to properly process and use glucose contained in the foods you eat – let’s avoid that right. Chamomile tea can’t change risk factors such as family history and race, but can improve modifiable factors.
Lowering the risk of diabetes is all about adopting a healthier lifestyle. You can possibly get healthier by taking a cup of warm chamomile tea every day. That means cutting back on unhealthy foodstuff too to make this work. It’s also important to implement exercise. Daily exercise is proven to extend your life!
Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones, which means sudden and unexpected fractures are the order of the day. A risk factor for osteoporosis is when the body is not getting its dietary needs.
Chamomile tea is known to possess positive attributes for the bone. Add a little milk, and you have yourself a healthy source of calcium and all the natural remedies to prevent osteoporosis. A cup a day will keep your bones strong and resistant to many diseases.
Herbs such as chamomile can do so much more than flavor your cup of morning brew. It can help stimulate your immune system to prevent cancer. Some doctors even recommend chamomile tea to ease cancer symptoms and relieve treatment side effects.
Chamomile tea has multiple complementary therapy properties that make it safe and effective to combine with conventional cancer treatment and prevention measures. Combined with a healthy diet and your body is equipped to keep cancerous cells at bay.
Modern medicine is yet to find a cure for the common cold – but with chamomile tea, you ingest plenty of ingredients to help treat your suffering. Chamomile tea is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and this helps greatly with the pains associated with cold.
A cup of chamomile reduces the effects of inflammation and reduces the pain that comes as a result of a common cold. Besides, chamomile heals the effects of a sore throat and soothes the effects of a cough.
The Takeaway
Chamomile is beloved by medical professionals and herbalists alike. A cup of charming daisy-like flowers and sweet apple scent delivers plenty of health benefits to cure many conditions from a common cold to cancer.
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