Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment – Verywell Health

Carrie Madormo, RN, MPH, is a freelance health writer with over a decade of experience working as a registered nurse in a variety of clinical settings.Ronald Lubelchek, MD, is a board-certified infectious disease specialist in Chicago, Illinois. He previously served as the Medical Director for Cook County’s ambulatory HIV clinic, one of the largest HIV … Read more

Race-Based Prescribing for Black People with High Blood Pressure Shows No Benefit – University of California San Francisco

University of California San FranciscoStudy Finds Established Guidelines May Limit Black Patients From Receiving the Full Range of Appropriate Medications for Hypertension By Linda Apeles Generations of physicians have been taught that Black people with high blood pressure should be treated with a narrower range of medication options than all other racial groups. This race-based … Read more

How to Safely Self-Manage a Medication Abortion at Home – Healthline

As access to clinical abortion becomes increasingly restricted, more people are turning to self-managed or at-home measures to end a pregnancy.Although most home remedies aren’t considered safe or effective for terminating a pregnancy, certain prescription medications can be safely administered at home.In fact, some research suggests that self-managed medication abortion may be as safe and … Read more

Best Bladder Strengthening Supplements: Top Urinary Incontinence Pills – MarylandReporter.com – MarylandReporter.com

by Paul | May 31, 2022 | Sponsored Content | 0 | The best way to treat UTIs is by using natural extracts that enhance bladder health and other elements of daily living. Hundreds of urinary tract supplements claim to relieve bladder troubles, but few do. It’s important to research the product and ingredients thoroughly … Read more

Dysarthria and parkinsons: Causes, treastment, and more – Medical News Today

Dysarthria is a speech disorder that results when the muscles a person uses to speak become weakened. The condition is common among people with Parkinson’s disease.Someone who has dysarthria and Parkinson’s may experience vocal tremors, speech that is too soft or too loud, or a monotonous vocal tone, among other symptoms.Scientists are researching methods to … Read more